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El Nido is absolutely amazing and fun place in the North of Palawan, Philippines.

My 2 favourite parts of Palawan:

  • El Nido
  • Coron

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If you are a solo traveler, Coron and El Nido are places to meet new friends and enjoy together the most colourful sunsets while sipping cocktails on the sandy beach.

A solo traveler backpacking hotspot

Palawan is truly a backpacking paradise. I packed my stuff and left for a month.  No plans, no friends and I had the best time of my life! I already know, I will do the same thing again. (hoping)

I bought my ticket on Saturday and left on Sunday! 😂lol

I decided to fly with Emirates.

So I landed in Manila and slept there over the night. Then I took a flight to Puerto Princessa. I met some friends (in the plane and at the airport) and we rented a van (6 hours ride from Puerto Princessa to El Nido).

I stayed about 9 days in El Nido and then I took a boat and I explored Coron. At the end of my trip I returned to El Nido by a boat then Puerto Princessa again because I had a flight to Manilla from Puerto.

Things to do in El Nido:

📍 Go to the beach
📍 Rent a scooter 

YOU can rent a scooter for 1 day for 500 pesos. It is the best way to explore the landscape and especially Napcan Beach. Although if you prefer, you can take tricycle and pay 1500 pesos.


📍 Island hopping:

  • Tour A

    Small and Big lagoon

  • Tour C

    Matinloc Shrine – limestone cliffs, Secret Lagoon, Hidden Beach


More information about Tours:

The most popular are Tour A and C! Go ahead with the tour C. Because If the sea becomes rough the tour C is going to be cancelled right away. (tour C is on the open sea).

Tour Itinerary – boat leaves early in morning around 8.30 am and comes back around 5 pm. A lunch is included in the price.

  • snorkeling
  • canoeing
  • cliff jumping

You can also connect tour A and C and sleep in a tent on the beach over the night. Just to add a bit of adventure into your day plus to save a bit of money on the accommodation. Lots of drinks and party guaranteed.


  • Las Cabbanas 

What a great sandy beach! Just 5 min by tricycle from the centre of El Nido. This Beach is a great place to watch a sunset as well. I usually asked the driver to stop in nearest market (on the way) and I bought papaya and fresh coconut. 😉🙃 The ride was 80-100 pesos, but you can also walk to that beach.

  • Napcan Beach

45 min by motorbike – there is a great beach restaurant where I ate the best food in a month in Philippines 😍 DEFINITELY don’t miss that one!

That’s it! Sweet and spicy mango shrimp dish with a coconut and chili sauce 😍



More beaches:
  • Twin Beach
  • Duly Beach
  • Mariposa Beach

Taraw Peak

The view of El Nido from Taraw Peak is breathtaking!

You can pay 450 pesos and get your tour guide who will show you around or just ask and find your way. I would suggest to go early in morning, because the colours of the sea are the most intense.

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Incredible drone video 😍



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El Nido was fun but very touristic. I am very happy to read that El Nido impose limits on island tours.

Because I could clearly see the difference between El Nido and Coron tours.

I certainly hope that Coron will follow, because it would be such a shame to destroy all the natural beauty.

Let me know, how did YOU enjoy El Nido and which other parts of Palawan did YOU visit!

With LOVE,


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