New Year – 1 Life – 365 days!

Hello again my dears!

It is been a while! Sorry about that!

If  YOU made it to the 2015! Congrats! Happy New Year!


It is December, I’m sitting in coffee place directly on the seaside. The Sun is shining on my face and I can’t help thinking about life! Every time I plan something in my life,  life just happened it own way. Sometimes a magical thing comes our way, an opportunity, a life event, even LOVE and we all have a choice – catch it or let it to slip away! Sometimes we all are experiencing and witnessing something special, a pure beauty, but sometimes we just miss the timing.

It is like seeing a Sunset, once you miss the chance of taking photo, you will never see the same beauty again. Just like that, lost in the Universe forever.


TIME the magical word.. As my years go by,  a year is becoming shorter, month is like a day and day is like a flash, seems just like a lightning. If we don’t pay attention well enough, it just slip away without being noticed.


Last night I seen falling a star, of course I made a wish, but as time goes by, I know that some wishes are just not ment to become a reality, because there might be something else waiting for us.

Is there?  🙂

So yes, if you ask me, I am very optimistic about the year 2015, I will keep my eyes open to not miss my timing, to focus more and to make sure I don’t have to regret things which I haven’t done because as we all say – there is always tomorrow – but tomorrow might not come. So it is all in our hands, in our power to do it now.

Sending YOU all of my LOVE!




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