Mind Travel – San Fruttuoso!

Dear Travellers!
There are ups and downs in our lives, good days and bad days – those days when I just want to crawl under my blanket and stay there for a long time.

But that isn’t usually my style.
How do you deal with those days? 😯
Today I woke up, into one of those days when my heart and soul is hurting. So I will choose a strategy to improve my day – I will play a mind game!
I think that the best traveler is the one, who is able to travel in his mind as well as his body.

So today I will be a mind traveler.
Lets go to a very beautiful and very safe place – San Fruttuoso. The beach of San Fruttuoso was picked by The Telegraph (UK) as the 2nd most beautiful beach in Italy for 2015.
This is a perfect escape on those days, when you just don’t want to be reached at all.
In San Fruttuoso even the phone services doesn’t work – so here I am, all by myself, enjoying a summer swim and being unreachable.
I can actually feel the sun shine on my skin how I am roasting there on the beach. Listening to the sea waves and enjoying the sea with the most beautiful shades of blue – and the sun is tickling my skin and the feel of hot and soft sand between my toes.

Been in this hidden escape many times before. Always took a boat from Camogli (timetables at golfoparadiso.it) and I was able to reach the bay in 20 minutes.
But today, I am not going to take a boat, the idea of being able to travel in my mind is too fascinating. There are no limits, no dead line, no ‘ must to do list’ just to be able to swim for hours in my own paradise! When everything seems wrong, I think the best way is to switch off all the world for a while! Just floating in my own Universe…. Swimming in the sea, lying down on the most beautiful beach if I feel like it! And then? Nothing, back to the reality like nothing ever happened! That is the happiness and fortune of being a mind travel! 😀

With LOVE,

Zuzi, the witness of Italian Dolce Vita

San Fruttuoso














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