How to order Coffee in Italy!

Buongiorno, Good afternoon!

Sitting in Camogli, the little fishing village. I could go to Genova or to any nearest town, but why?
I usually spend siesta alone in some coffee place right in the port. But thinking of it, I am never really alone, every so often someone stops by for a little chat.
Just now all the Italian magic is happening…I am listening to the sea waves, watching people walking and enjoying the waves cooling their feet. It is madness, in February and they are swimming and sunbathing ….


Everything seems to be ready for spring – summer? The winter never really came. The only thing reminding me of winter is the mountains covered with snow on the horizon when the visibility gets crystal clear. All of this, I am watching while writing my blog and trying to suck in all the spirit of Italian “dolce far niente” pleasantly doing nothing or one could say – delicious idleness and just enjoying THE MOMENT.

This leads me to a thought – what is a perfect moment? I am pretty sure, this is it! All the humans are chasing the idea of a perfect moment and then it just happened, naturally, without even trying….planning…how typical…I guess the most important thing is the realization of it…..right now…right at that particular moment…puufff and then again gone. . just like a dream but forever stuck in our memory.

I created my office in a bar , Barcollo, with the table right on the sea! That’s the hottest spot to be! I am in the first row just like in a theatre, enjoying the Sun licking my face with 30 C and while I am sipping the best, strong Italian espresso. The perfume of fresh coffee somehow stimulates my mind. When the irresistible smell of great roasted coffee beans surrounds me – I get immediately inspired or at least in my mind that’s the time to start writing..
As I was waiting for my espresso I realised that many people who come to visit Italy don’t know how to order their coffee.

YES, I wasn’t an exception at all! When I moved here, I wasn’t exactly sure, what to order! And, I don’t know about YOU, but I hate being disappointed when I don’t get exactly what I want! So today let me help YOU, my beloved coffee addicts, how to order the perfect coffee. At the very least I can make sure, that the Italian strong espresso is not going to give YOU a heart attack right away.
So here I am happy to share with YOU my advice on how to order your cup of coffee to make sure, your order is NOT going to get confused:

  • Coffee Espresso – 8 g of coffee, my choice! I like french slang for espresso “Petite Noir” little black.

photo 2

  • Doppio Espresso – double espresso – basically the one which I usually take but double sized. I never ordered it, because I would probably be awake for an eternity.
  • Coffee Macchiato – topped with foamy milk.

photo 3

  • Coffee Corretto –  corrected or straightened up with a liquor. I guess great choice to speed up your day! 😀


  • Coffee Latte – coffee with a hot milk. But make sure YOU going to say COFFEE latte, otherwise YOU going to get only glass of milk! Surprisingly in Czech Republic, Prague, when YOU say Latte, YOU going to get the real stuff, same with UK.


  • Coffee con panna montata – with whipped cream
  • Coffee Americano – coffee prepared by adding hot water in espresso “long black”
  • cappuccino – for Italian it is usually a  morning choice accompanied with a brioche (croissant). So if YOU want to become a real Italian, then here is the breakfast tip!
  • Decaf – no coffeine, seriously? I will never understand decaf coffee nor non-alcoholic cocktails. Whats the point? Treat yourself right!
  • Despresso – the feeling YOU get when YOU’ve run out of coffee. Just kidding!



What do YOU add in your cup of coffee:

  • zucchero – sugar
  • zuchero cana – brown sugar
  • zucchero dietetico – diet sugar
  • miele – honey
  • panna – whipped cream
  • latte – milk

Enjoy your favourite cup of coffee while vacationing!

For me it is always a great time for a coffee, until it is a time for aperitif (aperitivo) to kick in, which starts about 5pm!

” Drinking is another way of thinking, another way of living. It gives you two lives instead of one. – Ch. Bukowski”

Aperol Spritz

Salute! Cheers! 

With LOVE,





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