Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin!

My dears!

I can’t believe it is winter in Liguria. Feels like summer to me! Sipping a coffee and feeling “fortunata” – lucky! 😆

What fantastic weather!

Showing my face to the Sun! During January the temperature dropped a bit and believe or not, all over my face I got an allergy to the cold.

I am originally from Prague, so it is very strange,  My skin should be used to extreme temperature bellow zero but get a cold allergy when it is almost plus 15c? 🙄

What a typical thing in my life – everything is usually upside down.
So why I am even surprised!
Anyway for last month I tried every possible cream to get rid off the allergy and nothing worked out so I was becoming desperate Until one Italian man gave me the priceless advice about the use of the magical liquid which opened completely new possibilities..

photo 2

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – I gently massage my face with it and in a few hours it was almost invisible, than I rub it again before sleep and here we go – no more allergy!
I had no idea, that extra virgin olive oil is good for all kinds of allergies!
I would recommend also few drops in the bath and when your hair gets distressed use it as well and leave it on your hair under a towel for at least an hour.
So another confirmation, that Italians really know how to live in symbiosis with nature and make the best of it!
It is all about family, traditions and sharing the knowledge and kindness. So for every winter from now on – I use only natural green skin care because the antioxidants also help to slow the aging process and skin damage! Hurayyy! Forever young! 😆

With love,

Zuzi, the witness of Italian Dolce Vita








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