The Fish Festival in Camogli

Sagra del Pesce – The Fish Festival

It is an amazing event! The Fish Festival of Saint Fortunate, patron of the fishermen.

The Festival was conceived by Filippo Degregori and the first edition was held in 1952.

If YOU have a chance, come over to enjoy an amazing show. The festival is held on the 2nd Sunday of May, the day of San Fortunate.

  • On Saturday

All starting with a competition between 2 districts of Camogli – Pinetto and Porto. Every year they compete for who will build the most amazing and enormous bonfire on the beach. This tradition has been held for the last 300 years!

Pinetto team - 2015


In the evening around 8.30 pm there is a Procession in honour of San Fortunato – the procession is walking with the Ark of the Holy and the Cristi of the Genovese brotherhoods accompanied by the town band. It is a very cool sceen almost like from a movie. It is a magical experience. They walk all around Camogli and then return back to the church where there is a small mass held to bring prosperity and good fortune for their fishermen.

great 2



Then around 10.30 pm the giant 2 bonfire are set on fire.



And finally  Spettacolo Pirotecnico – the fireworks starts around 11.30 pm.


  • On Sunday:

The world’s largest frying pan will be in Camogli ready for YOU to let you enjoy for 5 eur the fried fish! This is the one of the most famous Italian culinary events and is happening on Piazza Colombo.


During all the weekend, there is a street market. Streets are filled with little shops selling typical Italian products. Also a food stands, where for few eur YOU can taste all Ligurian specialities. Also in the Castello della Dragonara – the Castle beside the Church of Camogli – there is being held an exhibition which will share with YOU all photos and stories from this very old and traditional celebration.

It is an amazing opportunity to get to know Camogli while breathing the 300 years of tradition and enjoying the flavours of Ligurian food.

        A few recommendation:

Hope to see YOU in Camogli next year so YOU enjoy the atmosphere as well!

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