Top Tips for visiting Sicily

I have been living in Italy for over 4 years and I have never seen Sicily before!

Everyone used to say to me, that Sicily is the land of the most gorgeous looking people, the most tasty food and the unbelievable crystal clear water. I guess living in Italy and not seeing Sicily would be a crime. I definitely wanted to have a look at the eye Candy land!

In love with Sicily

So I found a direct flight operated by Ryanair from Genova to Trapani, for a flight information, click here.

And before I went, I set up all my travel itineraries and marked on a map, as to what exactly I want to see.

To be sure I covered everything  interesting in this part of Sicily, the same I did during this summer with Sardinia. If YOU wish to read about my  Sardinian adventures, click on each link –  1 summer trip,then 2nd trip then finally 3rd trip .

So my new wish is to see every single part of Sicily! So I started exploring the Northwest Coast.

And so as to not kill the spontaneity of my trip, I didn’t set a strict plan for each day.

Because the longer I travel, the more I have learned it is important to watch closely nature and go with the flow as to what the sea and the weather conditions prepared for us.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein


Isola Egadi 

This is a beautiful protected area of 3 islands. Levanzo and Marettimo and Favignana.

I saw Favignana. It is an absolutely amazing island! YOU must see it! But again, make sure you check the forecast and the sea conditions before YOU decide to take a boat there. Also while you are exploring the island Favignana, make sure YOU rent a bike or a scooter, because that’s the best way to explore all the best beaches. My favourite was Cala Azzura and Cala Rossa.

IMG_5069 IMG_5068


When I saw the crystal clear water and the white sand I fell in love with this island! I hope to come back soon!

The islands of Levanzo and Marettimo are best to explore in a rubber boat, so I will do this next time for me, because in October it wasn’t the best time to do so.

the boat ride going to Isola Egadi:

Siremar Compagnia della Isola

I have used Siremar, paid 10 eur and I would certainly recommend their service. The only difference between those 2 services is the time when the boat leaves.

USTICA lines 

Erice – the Old Town

A beautiful Medieval town. I really enjoyed walking on the cobbled stones through the narrow little streets and then YOU reach many of the most beautiful views on all of Trapani and of course all the little islands near by.


YOU can admire here:

  • Venus’ Castle


  • San Giuliano’s Church



  • Trapani gate
  • Chiesa Madre
  • Pepoli Castle


I visited the famous Maria Grammatico’s sweet shop. For me it was too much sugar, but I guess kids will be delighted. She really bakes the best sweets in the town. YOU should definitely try an almond milk!

BUT shocking for me was a lack of coffee. So I bought my sweets and had to eat them in another caffee place.


The best place for a lunch:  La Pentolaccia

I ate here so well, I would suggest th home-made pasta Ravioli di Ricotta e spinach All’Ericina – this was an incredibly tasty dish and the price was ONLY 8 eur! The service was perfect and the ambience very beautiful! I would definitely come back!



Osteria I VITELLONI – the owner Gianni Zichichi

What an amazing place! The service was perfect! I had tuna with pistachio nuts and little salad. My friend had grilled salmon and mash. Everything was delicious! And I enjoyed the dinner outside on the terrace. The location is fantastic, you are directly in the old town of Trapani surrounded by beautiful old buildings and the atmosphere is just magic. The price for tuna was around 12 eur, so again, a great deal for a very classy place like that.

San Vito Lo Capo

This was maybe 40 min drive by a car. Thinking of this place now, the best description would be “A fantastic place for a family vacation”.

The white sand beach with crystal clear shallow water. This is a perfect resort for YOU if you have small kids and you want an easy vacation without stress and all YOU wish to do is just lie lazily on the soft sand.

I enjoyed an afternoon on this beach, swimming, but I prefer a more private escape, so for me one afternoon was enough.

Now- if YOU want to eat really well, I would suggest to jump in the car and in 10 min you will reach a NON touristic restaurant La Locanda in Castelluzzo.

YOU will eat there amazing food for a very reasonable prices. I had a pasta with sea urchins and it was 12 eur. IF YOU’RE around, say hello to the most friendly and sweet girl Andrea, who was taking care of me!


I adore this place! Absolute paradise and one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! If I will ever get married in Italy, I would probably do it right here in a little Tonnara. I like to keep things simple, so this tiny fishing port and little bay would work just perfectly!




IMG_6712If YOU want to go for a swim, YOU need to pay parking for a car of 3 eur and an entrance fee of 3,50 eur for a day.

Can YOU see on my photo the azure blue areas? I swam there and laid down on my floating pillow and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I was surrounded at least by 50 fishes….incredible! I was watching their colours from black to colourful. They were not scared at all, we were in total symbiosis. Simply beautiful!






My favourite place for a breakfast: Pasticceria di Scopello

Many mornings I just enjoyed the fresh pastry and an amazing creamy cappuccino. My tip would be a croissant filled with pistachio cream. Starting the day by eating this sweet treat makes me think there really might be a heaven indeed!

for a lunch or a dinner:  Ristorante Pizzeria Il Baglio

This place rocks! An amazing terrace, a very friendly staff and of course the most important thing is – they really serve the most beautiful food! I ate there many times and I guess my favourite was the pasta papardele with sea food and sea urchins and pistachio nuts. Simply perfection! But the tuna steak with salad was also not bad at all! 😉

From Scopello YOU can take a boat tour to Riserve Naturale dello Zingaro.

Riserve Naturale dello Zingaro

9 km long walk up to the hill. After 4 km you will reach a beautiful beach. BUT walking up in such heat, isn’t that enjoyable so I would suggest to take a boat. I really wanted to make this trip, but the weather conditions didn’t give me a chance to do it. Then the jelly fishes arrived in that location, so as I mentioned earlier, always smart to listen to nature and I went to explore the Island Favignana. But at least there is a reason for me to come back, because I won’t ever sleep tight until I see this location. 😉

Here are the best boat services:

from Castellammare Mr. Salvatore 0039 339 691 4997

Salvatore is a fantastic and a very kind person. So I am sure he will take YOU to the best places around the Riserva naturale.

from Scopello – Mr. Alex 00339 338 544 5761

I tried to reach Alex many times, he was very difficult to get in touch. So I can’t really recommend his service, but maybe the season was over so hopefully he was just over tired so I hope during the summer he really keeps his word and the trips are REALLY happening! I would definitely suggest for YOU to try to catch him directly in his office in Scopello

CETARIA – Diving Centre Scopello  – here you can book your excursion on a rubber boat, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Castellammare del Golfo



Castellammare 4

Restaurant Egesta

I ate here a million times! This is the place YOU must visit! The food is outstanding! I would definitely recommend tuna wrapped with pistachio nuts. And as a dessert definitely holly Cannolli. 🙂

Castellammare 2


What a great place! I definitely didn’t fancy to walk up to the hill. So I took a Tarantola shuttle bus. The price of a ticket is 1.50 eur and YOU will buy it directly there. *(a bus is going every 15 min).

The entrance fee for the Archeological park is 6 eur. Then YOU can walk around and admire all of the beautiful Greek historical monuments or the bus will take YOU up the hill through Sagesta’s archeological park directly to the amphitheatre. After I walked back from the hill taking thousands of photos.

The most important part of this park is the Greek Temple called The Doric temple of Segesta. Built before 430 BC and it is situated on a hill (*Mount Barbaro) just outside the site of the ancient city of Segesta.


Greek Amphitheatre – amphitheatre is situated on a hilltop on Mount Barbaro.


SPA I popped in for an evening relaxation at the nearby Terme Segestane. It is an open-air spa with 3 hot-water pools. ”



Selinunte was an ancient Greek city on the south-western coast of Sicily, Its peak was before 409 BC.

This archaeological site contains five temples, the main focus is on an Acropolis. Of the five temples, the most important is the Temple of Hera, also known as “Temple E”.

I was invited there for a special event from Aperol Spritz. A party and a stage with live music and fun! All this and free drinks! I am so happy I speak Italiano, so I can easily find these incredible events! Because Italians aren’t big on advertising, the only way to get around it is  to conquer the language. 

a Greek Temple – The temple of Hera

Amphiteatre in Sicily


Garibaldi 58 Market

all the best Sicilian specialities – I bought some amazing extra virgin olive oil with chilli peppers and all the typical sicilian products. If YOU are in the centre of Trapani, make sure, YOU stop by.

Let me know, how YOUR Sicilian trip is in the comments bellow.

With LOVE,

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