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Coron is my favourite part of Palawan, Philippines.

Check out my previous blog about Coron.

I did all of the tours so I was able to see the most beautiful lagoons surrounded by cliffs, limestones and many incredible Coral reefs, beaches and Islands.

I took a video for YOU, Check it out –

Can YOU spot the coral reefs in the crystal clear sea? <3

I found a Nemo and we made eye contact.

I preferred more expensive tours (because everyone wants tour A, B, there are too many boats on the sea at the same time)….

My favourite was The Island Escape Tour. What a fab place!

If you want the best tour guide, get in touch with my dear friend Jing Llaya, he is number 1!

Say big hello from Zuzi 😍


The most beautiful place I have ever seen! If you are a nature lover, I promise, you will fall in love with this marvelous and enchanting paradise.

Look! No one around just YOU and the colours of the sea <3
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Make sure you have your own snorkel because otherwise you need to rent it for each tour for 150 pesos.

And believe me, it would be such a shame not to see all the great coral gardens.

If I was a diver, Coron is the place to go! I would suggest Sea diving Resort.


My favourite places to see:

A Reef Garden and Kayangan Lake (especially the great view as you can see on my photo bellow).

Kayangan Lake is the cleanest freshwater lake in Asia. Absolutely lovely place!




. . the Kayangan docking area . .pretty charming, right?

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Coron Island Tour A

750 pesos

  • Las Islas de Coral
  • CYC Beach
  • Alwayan Beach
  • Quin Reef
  • Green Lagoon
  • Kayangan Lake


Coron Island Tour B

950 pesos

  • Barracuda Lake
  • Smith Beach
  • Skeleton Wreck
  • Reef Garden
  • Twin Lagoon


Coron Island Ultimate Tour

1500 pesos

  • Siete Pecados
  • Kayangan Lake
  • Twin Lagoon
  • Smith Beach
  • Skeleton Wreck
  • Las Islas de Coral
  • CYC Beach



Island Escape Tour C

1200 pesos

  • Bulog Dos Island
  • Banana Island
  • Malcapuya Island

IMG_7378 (1)


FullSizeRender 7


IMG_7373 (1)

Reef & Wrecks Tour D

1200 pesos

  • East Tangat (wreck)
  • Pass Island
  • Coral Garden
  • Lusong Gunboat


Calauit Safari Tour E

2400 pesos

  • Calauit Safari Sanctuary
  • Black Island
  • Lusong Coral Garden
  • Lusong Gunboat

incl.: a lunch, drinking water, Island fees, life vests, tour guide

My recommandation: 

Bring sea shoes, waterproof bag if you have or buy it at the market in El Nido (cheaper than in Coron). Your own bottle of water ( better to be safe than drinking their complementary water).

IMG_1858 (1)

Coron Town Tour

650 pesos

  • Lualhati Park
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Centennial Shrine
  • Mt. Tapyas – the 2nd highest point in Coron – Panorama views 😍
  • Cashew Factory
  • Maquinit Hotsprings

All tours are fun and impossible to do without a boat! So book a boat tour & Island Hopping package!

But the City tour is pretty easy to organize alone. So safe your money for a great drink in No Name bar. 😉

Plan a nice hike to see a sunset at the top of Mt. Tapyas and relaxing evening dip in Maquinit spa.

The best time to go to this spa is around 6 pm. Because the water is hot, there is no shade what so ever, so if you would pop in during a day, you wouldn’t enjoy it at all.

Tricycle advice: Don’t let the driver trick you by paying for both ways plus 1 hour waiting time. They will try to force YOU. Say no!

I just paid 1 way and I enjoyed more than an hour in the spa without the stress of looking at the clock. Than I shared with some American couple the 3cycle. Pretty easy to find someone who goes the same direction, because Coron is a very small place. This way you will safe money.

If you found my blog useful, please do share it with others! Cheers!

Of course enjoy your stay in Palawan and let me know your personal experience aka Coron! 😘

With Love,


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