2018 last thoughts

I am closing the year 2018 with one particular thought.

As I feel it must be finally said.
Stop listening to anyone telling you what you should do.

Don’t allow them to decide what is right and what is not.

It’s your life. Live it your way.

That’s the spirit you should have to enjoy yourself in 2019.
No matter of your age, gender or education we all should have free will to do exactly what pleases us. Our own action should be based on free choices. We should have a courage and confidence to live the way we want.
You wanna be single and travel the world? Do it! You wanna stay in a relationship? Do so!

And most importantly don’t follow anyone else’s idea what he thinks  is right for you to do.

I just met a girl on the market, she was pregnant.

We started chatting and she told me, that she has been 10 years in a relationship and everyone was always bugging her when they get married… then to satisfied them, they finally got married.

In a while, the people started asking why don’t they have a baby.

Been so long together, no baby, do you have a problem to get pregnant? To satisfied that voice, they started a family.

As I met her few days ago, and she had a baby boy.

And what’s going to happen next? She already knows…

When the kid is going to be 2 years old, the people will start bugging her when she will have another baby cuz again the others decided it is good to have kids similar age, my god!

Please let’s stop this circle of decisions based on others.

Let’s free our mind and lives from others telling us what is the best for us or what should we do.
There is no right age for us to do anything.
When the time is right we will know it.
There hasn’t been written a scenario of life exactly same for everyone. What works for you, doesn’t necessary need to work for me? Right?
That’s my final thought for 2018.

Just don’t give a flying f**** what other people think.

Because we don’t need the approval of anyone.

As soon as you will realize you are the main character of your life, you will feel free. #relieve 
Pretty much all I hope for you in 2019 – just go out and live story of YOUR life, the way you wish. 

And of course sending tons of health and love!
‘Life begins where fears end.’

Go out tiger and get your freedom!

with LoVE,


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