Real Life never asks what I want

Life! Real life! Why are you messing with me? 

What an amazing plan! 13 DAYS in Corsica!

And guess what?

I am sick and I can’t go anywhere.

Hating my life right now. Why always me?

Why I am so fragile?

Finally the autoimmune illness got under the control and my skin is all smooth and fabulous, you can find my healing journey right here.

Here we go, another bump in my road – NO vacation for me because of the air-condition?! Why everyone else can be almost naked under the air-con and in a minute I walk in the room or at the airport I get sinus infection, head cold or bronchitis? Really?! 

Did I mentioned that a month ago I got an eye infection from the sea breeze? And from the water I got an ear infection? Like Seriously?!

I am feeling so sorry for myself. –

1st step completed – Feeling pitty for myself

Been there, done it…..I know I know, it always can get worse….no point to complain…..

I should be happy that it isn’t anything more serious….but it is hard to realise I am not a  Wonder woman who can handle anything…

Anyway step 2. – Mind setting:

” We can always choose to perceive things differently. We can focus on what’s wrong in our life, or we can focus on what’s right”

After 1 nervous break down and 2 coffees later I realised how self-obsessed I was. My ego was talking – me, me, me!

I should be able to appreciate the good things in my life.

I should choose to set my mind to a different ways to see things.

And definitely not sweat from the small stuff like one missed vacation.

I should appreciate the fact, that there is someone who actually want to spend time with me no matter where.

So I decided to breathe! And to be thxful. Thxful for every moment and for all the little things.

@ Nigel Harrison

I started focusing my energy on the positive things. 

Once I shifted my attention, the world changed. I changed. 

I can’t explain it, but that made me feel fortunate and indeed privileged that I was able to pause and realise What truly matters.

I am pretty sure our attitude shape our world and our future.

“Change your thoughts, and YOU change your world”.

So as simple as that – I have chosen to be happy!

btw. I am not asking you to follow my blog, nor social media. Just do whatever makes you happy!

With love,


All photos by © Nigel Harrison

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