Top Tips for visiting Sardinia

Summer is here, have you thought about where to go for your holidays or weekend getaways?

I have the perfect place for YOU! A true paradise, where the sea is so blue and clear that it looks like the Caribbean and the beaches have the finest sand and everywhere you go you reach the most magical nature, and yet more beaches! All of this accompanied by smiling people and great food and white wine.



Facts YOU must known about Sardinia:
  • Sardinia – Sardegna is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily and before Cyprus) btw. Sicily is my another place on my bucket list


  • The region has its capital in its largest city, Cagliari, and is divided into eight provinces.

3 airports:

  1. Cagliari (Orbia)the largest airport, 6 km from he city
  2. Olbia – Costa Smeralda –  maybe 3 km from the city centre
  3. Alghero8 km to the city, a very small airport
  • use the shuttle to get to the city centre or take a taxi
  • The beauty of Sardinia is the diversity of the island itself
    the best way to discover Sardinia is to explore it by car – car rentals
  • breathtaking and wonderful beaches



This time I have chosen to explore the area around the airport Alghero, because I wanted to FINALLY be able to see La Pelosa beach, Isola Rossa the parts that I was always dreaming about especially its red sand beach. Since I saw the photograph of the red sand beach I knew I must see this art of nature.

I didn’t have a chance to explore the “rich” area, the kind of Hollywood of Sardinia. Which would be Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda. So in the future I am planning to return to Sardinia again, I just need to break my piggy bank first! 😀


“One person craziness is another persons reality” – Tim Burton



Details about my fabulous Sardinian get away:

There are moments in life, when you just need to pack your stuff and reconnect with your inner-self.

So I called my dear friend Adriana, who lives in Sardinia, and said that I need a break and may I come over for a quick vacation. She gave me a very warm invitation and showed me Sardinia in the most beautiful way.

There is a saying that every place you visit depends who you are with, because the person is allowing you to see the land with her eyes. That’s why I am taking photos and writing this blog, just to be able to share with YOU a piece of my soul.

So I bought a flight ticket from Milan to Alghero click here to find a cheap flight.

Then I spent first 3 days in Adriana’s house in a little village called Viddalba and every day we took a car and explored the near beaches.


The last night I spent alone in Alghero, a beautiful little fishing village, and I enjoyed it very much. I met on the beach an amazing woman, Anna, who was born in Alghero. She gave me her recommendations and all the best tips. This is what I love about travelling alone, YOU never know who YOU might meet. So many interesting people out there! 🙂


Since I saw Sardinia I am able to close my eyes and see the colors again. I miss Sardinia every day, I am pretty sure if YOU ever go there, YOU will feel the same, like a part of your heart was left behind. My soul belongs there.

In my dreams I see all the crystal clear shades of blue, I smell the flowers and the mirto liquor.

It is a mysterious land for me, still haven’t seen much, but I became so tempted with the things I have seen so far, so the constant hunger for more has been completely been consuming me. I know, for a fact, I have been there before. It is like the feeling when YOU meet someone and YOU immidiately click. It is like the first signs of LOVE.

When I daydream now, I see the crystal clear water with white or red sand where I can walk forever and still be dipped only to my waste.

It is the land of many people, who I have difficulty understanding, because of their Sardinian language but they have the biggest hearts ever. I think, I could very well spend my entire life there with a constant smile on my face and my feet being massaged by the finest sand.


  • Even if the name is not really flattering in Italian – Pelosa literally means: “hairy woman”- 🙂
  • La Peolosa, the one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia or even from the world.
  • location: in the golf Asinara, Stintino Sassari, nord-est di Capo Falcone
  • maybe 50 km from Alghero
  • transparency of its water and always windy, but who cares on paradise like that? 🙂
  • beaches of fine white sand
  • the sea colors vary from blue to turquoise, is ideal for snorkelling
  • a popular diving area

My reccomendation where to eat:

Il Gabbiano

This place was a blessing! We had prawns made in 2 ways. And french fries and a half litre of wine (vino di casa – house wine). And the bill was about 24 eur for 2 people.

I LOVED the prawns marinated with mirth, so tasty and typical for Sardinia.






“When YOU realise how perfect everything is, YOU will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky”-Buddha



  • Sardinia’s northwest coast
  • old centre with many narrow streets packed with boutiques, bars and restaurants.
  • a tourist town but also a fishing port
  • one of Sardinia’s most beautiful medieval cities
  • near by is a place called Bosa – a great view from there

The town is a beautiful place with a historical centre – Centro Storico – and is surrounded by 16th century Catalan walls. A Marina and yachts and boats are near by… beautiful buildings and many coffee places and an uncounted numbers of restaurants. Of course all of this plus, again, sand beach everywhere.

Alghero is an ideal place to land if you want to be exploring the beaches of nearby Riviera del Corallo.

The Spanish atmosphere is surrounding you everywhere you go because of its Catalan origin.



It is very quick and easy to get into Alghero from the airport, just 20 minutes away with the local bus (around 3 eur).
It is a pretty easy to get around by bus to be able to explore the nearby surroundings such as Bosa. Perhaps to plan a day trip is a great idea! Or rent a car, thats the easiest way of course!
But some B&B’s can also organise a taxi for you. I paid 30 Eur because my flight was at 5am and there was no way I could be lucky with a bus at that hour.

My recommendation for accommodation in Alghero:

Hotel Florida  – 60 eur, breakfast incl., friendly and very helpful stuff, wi-fi – directly opposite to the sand beach, great!


My tip for a lovely dinner:

Ristorante Il Pesce D’oro

I  had a fab sea food starter, it was so delicious! Then pasta with sea food. This restaurant is a must! The food for a michelin star quality! I paid for 1 person 35 eur. I will be back! 🙂


  La Marinedda beach

It is a wonderful place for swimming as it’s shallow and the water is clear and warm.

La Marinedda Beach is an hours drive from Alghero and Olbia airports.

It is near by Isola Rossa – just follow the coastline.

We had a great time on this beach!

YOU can rent a sun bed and be lazy or spend the day by being active and enjoy surfing.

My recommendation where to eat:

Bar & Restaurant Il Cormorano

2 people –  4 glasses of Vermentino di Sardinia- white wine from Sardinia. I had a pasta with clams. Adriana had a sandwich. Followed by 2 espresso and the bill was around 24 euro!

Oh I forgot to mentioned – everything was delicious!

Big portions as you can see. And very polite stuff. And because I was looking for aloe vera plant for my skin and I have noticed that it was growing in their restaurant’s garden, they even let me to steel few parts of the plant. Kind and lovely people, I shall be back!







Isola Rossa
  • Charming fishing village
  • located on the north coast of Sardinia, Isola Rossa
  • south of Costa Paradiso


  1. “Spiaggia Longa”
  2. “Marinedda” 
  • Isola Rossa or Red Island named after the granite islet that lies in front of the harbour.
  • as simple as that – this is THE PLACE YOU must see!
  • check out the another art of nature – The Elephant


IMG_5866 (1)

 Badesi (Golfo dell’ Asinara)
  • another anazing beach with the most beautiful and clear water
  • 8 km just beach beach and beach, what more we could wish for? 🙂


“Life is a beach, I am just playing in the sand” – Lil Wayne


Are YOU ready for Sardinia?

Share with me your Sardinian experience in the comments bellow.

Can’t wait to hear your story!

With LOVE,


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