Top 10 things to do in Camogli

I am not a very sporty person, so for me enjoying Camogli means sitting on the terrace near by the sea hidden under a Jasmine tree. This protects my skin from the direct sun which also allows me to see the screen on my Mac while listening the sea waves singing a lullaby for me.

To top this off is the joy of sipping a glass of Vermentino wine or Aperol Spritz.

When late in the afternoon I enjoy the strong Italian espresso while listening in the shade to the love songs of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. YES this is my way of enjoying daily Life. Of course the beach is near by, so an afternoon dip and allowing the sun to gently kiss my skin is a must.

BUT for YOU who are looking for some adventure and fun and sport events, here I am ready to share with YOU my theoretical knowledge of how to do so!

1. Trip to San Fruttuoso 

Been there, done that, loved that! Take a boat from Camogli, and enjoy the sand beach with azzure water. If YOU wish to have more information about San Fruttuoso, click here to be able to see my previous post.

San Fruttuoso


2. Rent a Kayak

There are 2 possibilities:
YOU can rent a kayak in Camogli or Portofino. I have never rented a kayak before, but I am very tempted because the route from Camogli seems to be pretty interesting and easy.I just need to find a sporty person to join me and supervise me 😀

  1. in CamogliLa Rotonda – I LOVE “La Rotonda in Camogli“. YOU can rent a sun bed there, or just enjoy a coffee with an outstanding view or rent a kayak and paddle around.
  • For more information click here 
  • 1. zone A –  Cala D’oro
  • 2. zone B – Punta Chiappa, Punta del Faro di Portofino
  • 3. zone C – da Punta Cannette to Punta Chiappa, Punta Pedale, Punta del Faro di Portofino

the map was from area Marina Protetta Portofino

Map of Portofino

2.    in Portofino – more information about the Kayak rentals click here 

  • or if YOU would like to become a part of a fun event such as Kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boating  while enjoying a happy hour and admiring the beautiful sunset while swimming in the sea. Check out the next events when and where
copyright: velafestival
copyright: velafestival
3. Rent a Boat, Charter or use a Boat Taxi:

in Camogli:

 in Portofino:


Why renting a boat?

I LOVE boats, there are always great reasons to rent a boat. In fact, if I had enough of money, I would love to own a boat. 🙂

Having a boat means for me total privacy. The possibility to make your own decisions where YOU want to go or on what part of the coast you will be swimming or dining.
Of course having or renting a boat is a part of a luxury experience but in my opinion it is total freedom while at the same time being able to admire natural beauty and romantic hidden spots such as San Fruttuoso or Punta Chiappa.

CUSTOMIZED Travel Packages :

YOU can choose from a dinner on board, or a romantic evening while watching a sunset and enjoying a happy hour aperitif.

All up to your personal preferences and wishes. YOU can enjoy a luxury experience and be pampered.

This is the choice for YOU, if YOU don’t mind spending some extra money, because YOU wish to succeed in finding complete relaxation of body and mind while the seas energy and privacy is embracing YOU.


4. Walk to San Rocco
  •  Batterie
  • or walk up to the hill to explore San Fruttuoso beach 
  • Punta Chiappa
  • Dai Muagetti – enjoy aperitif – “aperitivo” in a bar with an outstanding view while watching the most romantic sunset



5. Free Diving 

For more information click here

I have never done a free dive before, but if I ever wish to do so, I would love to see the Statue of Christ in San Fruttuoso between Camogli and Portofino.
Just to be able to pay tribute to The Christ of the Abyss statue honors Dario Gonzatti, the first Italian who, in 1947, lost his life scuba diving. Since then, the figure has come to also represent all lives claimed by the sea and offers them a benediction of peace, with his head and hands raised skyward.

The dive is considered a simple one, level 1, YOU can see the statue from the surface, it is only about 10-15m so anyone (apart from me) could dive there. LOL

© Julie Gautier
6. SUP  –  Stand up paddle boats

For more information click right here 

copyright: visitredondo
copyright: visitredondo
7. Snorkeling 

Do YOU wish to be searching for hidden treasures in Portofino’s Marine Protected Area? If  YES, for more click here




9. Nordic Walking 

Mainly in Portofino’s Park, more info here

10. Watching Whales and Dolphins

Book your ride anytime here.


The price is 33 euro and if YOU don’t see whales or dolphins, then YOU can use the ticket for another ride.

departures 2015:

  • Genova Porto Antico – 13.00
  • Genova Nervi – 12.20
  • Bogliasco – 12.00
  • Recco – 11.50
  • Camogli – 12.45

from April to October – every Wednesday and Sunday

from August  – also on Friday! 

Hope YOU will enjoy some of sport activities I have mentioned!

Let me know by writing a comment bellow, how did YOU enjoy your fabulous vacation in Italian Riviera!

 With LOVE,





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