Don Giovanni hotel Prague

I love coming back to Prague. During my last 3-4 visits, I fell in love completely and totally with 

Don Giovanni **** hotel ❤️

This hotel is located on metro Zelivskeho, directly in front of it is a tram station which is pretty handy.

So easy to reach a city centre – which is Prague 1 – Old Town Square, Wencelas Square and Prague Castle, Tyn Church and Charles Bridge!

Basically in 5-10 min you are right in the centre!

Or you could take the metro A line, stop station Zelivskeho (again located in front of the hotel).

If you take a subway you will reach Staromestska station and the Old Town Square in 5 min. Than you can keep walking and you will get to the river Vltava (Charles Bridge.)

Prague is pretty small but the nicest parts are Prague 1.,2,3. That’s a fact!


Room/ facilities:

I usually travel alone, so single room it is. As you can see, a lovely and huge bed, isn’t it? 😈

Don Giovanni hotel (for the price of a single room) gives you a fab big double bed! And I love the soft pillows as they make me feel like a princess.

Rooms are quiet, cozy, warm and modern. If you’re lucky, you will be on the 11th floor, where you might enjoy the city view. 

As YOU can see in my photos, I am showing YOU 2 of my last rooms where I stayed. 1st one I used as a profile photo of this blog and the 2nd you can see right bellow. I loved both of them!


. . relaxing view to the nature


Book a Room:

DonGiovanni official website


The nicest touch was a very helpful staff, always ready to help me and they were friendly and just fabulous!

If your flight is later during the afternoon/evening (because the check out is around 11-12), there is no problem in leaving your suitcase in the reception after check out.

The highlight of the stay is their amaaaaazing breakfast!

I absolutely loved that ‘buffet’ breakfast! I always stayed for almost 2 hours, just eating all the Czech pastries and bread and homemade cakes.


Once again a great staff, who are always there ready to make you feel welcome!

The director (I haven’t met him in person yet, but I am going to in the future)! He truly is doing a marvellous job!

I wish all Prague’s hotels will be following his ways.

So what’s my final rating?

price:  I always wait for a special deal but that’s what I usually do. That’s because I am originally from Prague so I know all the hotels (easy for me to play with the last minute deals). Anyhow I think price/quality are matching! Actually with a special deal you might hit the lucky jackpot by staying at this property.




This truly is the place to stay if you don’t mind taking a taxi or a public transport (5-10 min) but you still are close to the city centre but few minutes from the best park in Prague. (Riegrovy garden) – fab place to grab a 🍺 while enjoying the sunset & watching the Prague Castle view. #spring #picknic

  • ✅ Staff: fabulous!
  • ✅ Room/ facilities: excellent
  • ✅ Lobby/bar: excellent vibe
Have you book your Prague vacation yet?

I think you should check out flights on, There is off-season between November till March and YOU can find some pretty amazing deals.

What are you waiting for?

With LOVE,


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