Healing an autoimmune disease

I am relatively young, 😉✌️ so what’s wrong with me?

So many things, where should I start?! Lol!

Let’s do it, let’s put last few years of my life into 1 blog.

February, 2010 – I  moved to Italy, after 3 years my fairytale happily ever after went a bit sideways.

I was going through a lot of stress. I tried to move on with my life, found my own apartment in Camogli and of course needed to quickly learn Italian to become capable of dealing with a daily life in a foreign country. #presure #alone

Then I  met The biggest liar and after finding out his wife was more than alive I couldn’t take it anymore and my body just gave up on me.

April, 2015  – I got a sore throat and the combination of a sore throat and stress started an autoimmune disease called guttate psoriasis.

This disease comes and goes. No one knows when that happens and what are all the triggers.

For me The biggest trigger is a stress.

But let’s always remember every illness is in our head.

Anyway 1st time I got covered with a guttate psoriasis and I spent all 5 months between Liguria, Sicily and Sardinia.

I was swimming in the sea (daily sunlight exposure) and eating a “special diet” with tons of supplements and herbs.

I gave up on:

  • dairy products
  • gluten free
  • no sugar
  • meat
  • alcohol

To be able to say goodbye to a 🍷was pretty hard . . especially the Italian tradition for an aperitivo (aperitif) .

☕️ Only 1 espresso a day was my special treat!

  • no eggs
  • no tomatoes
  • no fast food & no fried food
  • no potatoes

basically no life, right?😀

My Diet was based on:

  • a lot of fruit
  • veggies 80% green
  • nuts, mostly pistachio nuts and walnuts
  • all kind of fish and sea food

. . I basically became a rabbit to be able to restart my body. 🐇



I took a lots of supplements.

Many of YOU are asking me, what did I take, if you also interested to know which ones, SIGN UP for my blog and ‘contact me’ and use subject such as ‘supplements’ and I will send you a list of all of them in pdf.

IMG_3661 (1)

I read everything what is available on Internet about natural self-healing.. I learned all the rules of what to eat, the benefits of various fruits and vegetables.

A real help was a group created by Matt Ludwig:  Worldwide Healing Warriors Support Group

I cured myself completely in a natural way in 5 months!

Things got again great, I found my peace, I got my life back and it was great to be back in my skin! 🙏🏻

I slowly started to eat everything again.

I stood up even stronger! I won my fight with guttate psoriasis, no doctors needed!

It felt so good! I felt so strong! My own immune system was kicking my ass and I managed to get all the knowledge, my power and my positive mind set together!

Illness always comes to teach us something, so I learned that this fight I must win alone!

I enjoyed a fab 5 months of a smooth skin!

Than I made the tragic mistake and allowed the same liar to come back into my life.

I guess I had to be out of my mind to do so, but I did. 🙄

Because as we know unhappiness usually makes us sick.

The same old story, another stress and another sore throat. I guess the autoimmune illness was a natural way of my body to tell me, enough is enough and things must change!

Sometimes we don’t want to listen, so our body forces us to call for an action. That’s the moment when we finally start listening! ❤️

20th of September, 2016 – Another sore throat no.2 and more stress created by a complete lunatic and I ended up covered with guttate psoriasis. Well when they say shit happens I truly wasn’t ready to fight this monster called the Autoimmune disease again!

Because this time it happened at the end of the summer, I had no chance to deal with it alone just with a diet. I even forced myself to dip into the cold sea, daily! Imagine in November?!

I tried from September to the 20th November to heal my way. Then I realised this time the illness is winning 2:1 and I ended up covered on 90% of my body!

I took the first flight to Prague, ended up hospitalised for a week. A week of Topical corticosteroid ointments (what a bullshit seriously don’t go there) it didn’t help me at all!

Then I gave up on creams and started only UV therapy (basically a fake sun) then I checked in a special clinic/ spa.

Here I am, writing this very personal experience for you!

Feeling pretty naked sharing all of this with you, but —

© photo by Nigel Harrison

I spent there 12 days and I improved so much! All done just by UV therapy, massages and sulfur mineral baths. And tons of rest.

Sometimes it helps so much just to get out of our life and restart. I improved so quickly, I believed the reason of my quick recovery was just based on zero stress ( oh and I finally got rid of that moron) 😉

I was hiding in the spa in the middle of Moravia, my guttate psoriasis started saying goodbye, hopefully forever. 🙏🏻😈

All what was  left on my skin was just discolored little areas on my arms and legs, basically just missing some pigmentation. The pigmentation always comes back, it just needs a bit of time.

Best way to fade away the discolored skin:

  • a natural peeling – chilling on the sandy beach makes the sun tanned skin and the white areas all united.
  • swimming in the sea
  • The ☀️

📍 the benefits of sea salt on a skin

📍 swimming also improves our circulation – a lymphatic system needs to get moving, that’s what is needed for healing!

Then I was back in the hospital just for UV therapy twice a week and then went to Philippines for almost a month to fully recover. I needed to focus on me, my mind, my body.

I started a meditation as a part of healing journey.

FullSizeRender 7

Then I decided to share all my healing practise with YOU, to help out anyone who suffers from the autoimmune disease.

I needed to send all of YOU a message, that YOU aren’t alone.

© photo by Nigel Harrison

We all are warriors in life, just everyone in a different field but all of us are basically the same. We all are beautiful and fragile. And we should never give up and use our super power to get well again!

Sending YOU a hug!

btw. And YES I am back in a spa!

My skin is completely clear but it is good to be back!

All treatments incl. massages, UV therapy and mineral sulfur water makes me feel relaxed, boost my immune system and provide a wonderful psycho-emotional detox.

Highly recommend it to everyone!

If YOU enjoyed my healing journey then check out my blog  What really matters in life

With Love,


What Really Matters in Life

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