Santa Margherita

I adore Santa Margherita! It is cool place filled with a young crowd and night life!

Santa Margherita province of Genova in the region Liguria, located in the Golf of Tigullio between Portofino and Rapallo and very close to my new adopted home town, Camogli.

“Santa” is filled with yachts from so many exotic places because it is 20 min walk to Portofino the world of the wealthy, but docking and costs of vacationing in Santa are more reasonable.

Basically Santa is place for YOU, if YOU want to experience the “chic” life style maybe for an afternoon trip but YOU still wish to keep your budget under control while vacationing.


Santa is also a fishing-village – which means – daily catch guaranteed  = my tip is  “gamberetti Santa Margherita” – king prawns- yummy! 🙂


  •  What to enjoy Santa Margherita

I would start the day with a typical Italian breakfast – capucchino and brioche. The perfect breakfast joint to feel the Italian atmosphere is – Caffee del Porto.

Then YOU might want to visit the Santa Margherita Ligure Castle which has a wonderful view of the city and is located directly on the sea-side. But also looks pretty magical at night.


Or YOU can visit the 17th Century Basilica di Santa Margherita and then continue to visit Villa Durazzo if YOU don’t get tempted by the sand beach. To tell YOU the truth, in Santa I always end up on the beach! 😀

I promise next time I am there, I will have a look at those places for YOU!

  • Other day trip from Santa Margherita

Rapallo  (Train)

Camogli (the most fun is taking the boat )

Chiavari – every Friday is a great street market (from Santa best going by Train)

Genova (Train or Boat)

Cinque Terre (Train or Boat) – during summer – too much hiking and the sun is too strong, not a good combo. But Spring or Autumn – an ideal place to go!

  • Where to go what to do 

Paraggi is a very small place with a beach and it is located along the “Costa dei Delfini”halfway between Santa and Portofino. My choice is to enjoy the stroll from Santa with the view of the gulf while watching the yachts, beaches, the little cafe’s.

I usually keep walking directly to Paraggi and there I take the bus to Portofino as between Paraggi and Portofino the road is too narrow and it is pretty dangerous, so believe me the bus is the wise choice!

YOU can also take the bus directly from Santa and enjoy the ride to Portofino. There YOU can explore the Portofino National Park and enjoy the afternoon in Portofino.

In Portofino, if the prices doesn’t scare YOU off, then it is a perfect place for a lunch – Pasta Portofino or the typical snack – Portofino ice cream is the perfect treat.

When YOU are done with exploring, YOU can take a boat directly from Portofino to Santa or take the bus to Paraggi (1.20 eur for a ticket which you can buy directly at the bus station) and then walk to Santa.


  • Where to go for an aperitif (aperitivo)

Sabot – American bar  in Santa Margherita- my tip is a strawberry frozen Margherita. It is a giant drink acccompanied with a very tasty snack – Italian salami, cheeses and veg. This all is being served in the price of an aperitif. Around 7 eur all together! Thats’s a great deal, don’t YOU think? 😀

Tortuga America Bar  again a great place to enjoy a drink!

It is a perfect refreshment, if YOU are a bit hungry and exhausted after the walk from Portofino but it is still too early for a dinner!


  • How to get around from Santa Margherita

By Boat – ferries are leaving from Piazza Martini della Liberta.

Servizio Maritime del Tigullio – by the way another nice boat trip is to  San Fruttuoso.

Between April to September YOU can take a ferry to Portofino with Golfo Paradiso Line Green .

By Train – on the way to Santa Margherita’s train station – a great bar, Cutty Sark Bar Roma, with a pints of beer from all over the world,including UK, and Czech beer YEAH! 🙂 If you must wait for a train, it is great place to go to kill the time and as a plus free wifi!

by bus – I prefer going by boat to Portofino, then as I said earlier, take a bus from Portofino to Paraggi beach and walk back to Santa ( about 3 km).
It is a fabulous walk and it usually ends in my favourite Sabot bar for aperitivo. 😉


  • Where to go dancing / clubbing

Covo di Nord – club, dancing, a young crowd, cool music, Located on the water. It is very popular and fun place!

Le Carillon  – dance club – I have never been there, but heard that it is very cool place during the summer while people dock their yachts in Portofino or Santa. It is between Portofino and Santa, in the place, which I mentioned earlier. Paraggi beach.

  • Hotel recommandation:

Grand hotel Miramare always a fabulous choice!

Hotel Eight  I think this hotel is very important to mention. Because this is the only place in this part of Riviera, where YOU can get a special gluten-free menu.

Imperiale Palac Hotel – in my opinion great hotel, been there and loved it! I also had there a dinner and I went  swimming in their pool. A fab place, fab food and an amazing atmosphere! 🙂








Have YOU thought of your summer vacation yet?

I think Santa is a perfect place if YOU are looking for a cozy nest while YOU are exploring this part of Liguria!

With LOVE,

Zuzi, The Witness of Italian Dolce Vita









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