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I love sharing my story with YOU! By opening my heart,  I am able to send my thoughts and positive energy to the universe – and by spreading it to YOU, I can let the energy grow.

So today – let me share another small piece of my puzzled life.

Some people are just not able to share. They maybe got hurt in the past and they might be overwhelmed by pain and emptiness.

But I think that sharing is the key to heal. The important of spreading the love and caring! If one person gives everything and the other nothing, the imbalance in this universe just can NOT work out.

Sitting in the port, feeling the rain in the air and watching the birds fighting over 1 fish,  made me think again of – how important in the life is the capability of sharing everything with another living creature.


A  group of birds flown to the port, sat on the boat and started fighting over the fish.

What a hilarious scene, one bird with a fish in his beak and the rest of his mates were screaming at him loudly and unpleasantly …… Than the bird show them off his prize and swallowed the fish in one go.

This perfect scene from nature made me realize, that sometimes we all are just not willing or not able to share – our mind, body, soul, life, love, laugh, thoughts, pleasure, smile 🙂

The fatal important of  – SHARING – helping, healing, caring, forgiving…..SURE!

because as we know – “LOVE only grows by sharing. YOU can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.”

BUT – sometimes we all are just selfish exactly like this cheeky seagull…. sometimes I guess, we are just not ready to share!

With LOVE, Zuzi





” There is no “We” in the snacks!” 🙂






“If  YOU know what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.”  Buddha








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