Planning a trip in Cyprus

Let me share with you my very personal ways how I plan my trips ahead of time.

When I decide to discover some place, I start googling everything about it.

Slowly collecting all information and learning all I can. Also reading all the visitor’s reviews and then before arriving at the new place I already have a perfect idea about all the top beaches, caves, lagoons, must see places and outstanding views!

As YOU can see, I am a typical virgo, I plan everything! But then my day to day program depends on the weather and sea conditions! I can control my plans but still not able to control nature!

Not yet! 😉 LOL

Cyprus coastline

6 regions:
  • Famagusta
  • Larnaca
  • Limassol
  • Nicosia
  • Paphos
  • Aya Napa 
  • Troodos Mountains
  • Lefkara
  • Protaras
Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is a beautiful island, where you can dive in the crystal clear water, relax on the white sand beach and eat the most delicious food! So the Greek part of Cyprus it is!

How did I decide where to have a home base?

My flight lands in Lernaca and the distance to all 5 districts from the airport is pretty much equal. (around 45 min).

I started to read about all the locations but than I decided for Aya Napa because I wanted to enjoy a white sandy beach, turquoise water, night life and great bars and restaurants.

I found an accommodation in Ayia Napa and between snorkelling, swimming, sun bathing and drinking I will explore all other parts of the Island 🙂

1. Ayia Napa

Flying to Cyprus and not checking out the new Ibiza party place would be a crime.

Ayia Napa is famous for the beaches and it is a luxurious holiday paradise, which was discovered by a hunter while he was searching for treasure.

The place was known as Virgin Mary of Napa but then they shortened the name to Ayia Napa.

The first habitants came over in the 1790’s. Since then the place became a holiday centre and one of the top vacation and party destinations in the world.

Konnos Bay, Ayia Napa

Konnos Bay is the most photographed beach in Cyprus, located by Cape Greko midway between the towns of Protaras and Ayia Napa. The bay is surrounded by hills and rocks. The colour of the sea is turquoise and the beach has golden sands and everywhere there are pine trees.

Tip:  There is another more hidden paradise close by, which is called Cyclops’ cave. A gorgeous rocky bay, with shallow transparent waters. There isn’t a beach, but you can surely swim there.

If you prefer a quiet relaxation far away from people, this might be a spot for you!

I will definitely have a look!

Konnos Bay

Grecian Bay

Grecian Bay – Glyki Nero (means sweet water).

Ayia Napa’s most central beach, the lovely Grecian Bay or harbour beach, is stunning and a great place to relax. White sandy beach and close by is the area of the sea caves of Ayia.

Nissi Beach

Nissi in greek means island. The most famous beach on Cyprus, crystal clear seas, white sands, DJ’s and parties.

Palm trees everywhere. YOU can walk out 100 m and still experience shallow water, then you can walk across to the little island. This place should have the best sunsets!!! number 1!!!

Nissi beach
Makronissos Beach

One of the quiter beach in Ayia with several stunning bays to relax.

Perfect sand, many fishes and great place for snorkelling.

Very close by is a beach called Landa.

Landa Beach

An unspoilt place with fine white sand and warm water.

Sea Caves

TIP:  Sea caves are just on the edge of Ayia Napa, you can enjoy spectacular views from the cliffs or enjoy cliff jumping! Other caves are in Paralimni and Famagusta.
I read that the best way to explore these sea caves is by a boat trip.

They stop several times for a swim in the blue lagoon and you can really see the caves much better.

Sea Caves Aya Napa


Love Bridge, Ayia Napa

Love Bridge3

Love Bridge 2

me and LOVE

Is located just a few minute drive from Coral Bay.

Cliff jumping - Sea Caves

An interesting view and beautiful Sunset.

Another beaches:

  • Sandy beach
  • Pernera beach
  • Grecian bay
  • Kermia beach

Cape Greco National Forest Park

If you fancy a hike try the dramatic landscape of Cape Greco.

This is the place where you can experience nature at it’s best.

“Cycle, walk, hike, explore”

Cape Greco is also great for snorkelling. cliff jumping, there is a boat trip from Ayia to here. The beach is called Cavo Greco and is between Ayia Napa and Protaras.

This is one the most incredible and popular viewpoints in Cyprus!

After you leave the beach just admire amazing views of the endless Mediterranean sea.

The view might be even better during the sunset or at night while enjoying all the lights of Ayia Napa!

Coastline Aya - Protaras

Ayia Thekla, Ayia Napa 

“unspoilt, rocky, sandy, peaceful”

Located just before the main Ayia Napa centre.
The water here is not really ideal for a proper swim as it’s extremely shallow but again you can chill out on the soft white sand.

Aya Napa Harbour

A huge number of excellent fish restaurants.

2. Nicosia – the capital of Cyprus

Find a bargain or hunt for souvenirs in the quaint back streets, – Nicosia day tour
Treasures of Triodes Tour – the rich Kykkos Monastery is the highlight of this day tour where you also visit quaint traditional mountain villages.

3. Famagusta

Famagusta Tour

Head to the ruins of the ancient city of Salamis.

Visit Othello’s tower before exploring the old town of Famagusta.
Ayia Napa has a 14th century monastery, an ancient aqueduct, a museum and several churches.
There are sea caves and I already mentioned and a National forest park area, bicycle paths, gorgeous beaches.



Black Pearl Pirate Ship – show, dressed up like pirates, hunt for treasure, swim and food and fun!  – The Fantasy boat.

Raptor Boat Safari – a fantastic boat trip around the coast on a fast boat.

program: The Ghost town of Famagusta, Cliff jumping, all the beaches and bays between Ayia and Protaras. Swimming- snorkelling, and a complimentary drink.

During some boat trips you can also play with the wild dolphins and enjoy a swim in the east coast of cyprus. Then caves, snorkelling in emerald green water and exploring the caves…I think it is a lovely idea for an all day trip!

Sunset cruise – what a great option as well!

Tip:  Bring goggles because the water is very salty.

Cliff jumping AYIA

Sea Caves 1

4. Paphos

The West tour – Head to Paphos for the day to explore the tombs of the kings,and mosaics all in an Archeological Park and harbour plus view the iconic Aphrodite’s rock!!!

Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach, Paphos

The famous Aphrodite’s rock is located just before the town of Paphos (coming from Limassol). While approaching, you can park your car and enjoy the breathtaking view!

The legend says, that Aphrodite, Ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, once rose from the frothy seas.

The destination has became the most mythical on the island and watching the sunset from this place is a must!

Alykes Beach

Can be found right in the centre of Paphos surrounded by hotels, bars and restaurants. This beach is popular with families as well. A perfect combo of sunbathing, swimming, dinning, shopping and enjoying an aperitif.

Coral Bay, Paphos

Coral Bay just past Paphos is the areas most famous beaches. Very sandy and the water is lovely..

Pegeia – Coral Bay

Pegeia is one of the best beaches on the island.

Spilies (sea Caves in Peyia), Paphos

Head towards Peyia and find the coastline area filled with many little coves, of course again crystal clear water. So if you want a bit of your own peace and privacy, here is a perfect place. Make sure you have an umbrella, food and some water.

Sea Caves 3

The sea cave can be accessed by the beach from Coral Bay. Keep walking straight and following the road towards Saint George in Peyia.

The another option is to go from Paphos following Saint George road with a diversion before the port.

But to be able to enter to the cave, this can be done only by sea, either swimming or by boat in the blue lagoon.

Sea Caves 2

5. Protaras, Serena Bay

This place isn’t very well known. It is off the main road, pretty hidden, and it is a very pretty stretch of tiny beaches.

Sunrise Beach

Just WOW! Crystal clear water so all reviews says! Yes going to check it out!

Fig Tree Bay

One of Europe’s best beaches!

Definitely must go swimming and snorkelling in transparent turquoise waters of Fig Tree Bay!

What a heaven on earth, right?!

Fig Tree Bay

 Exploring island by 4 wheels:

Car hire is the easiest way to get around the island. Keep in mind that they drive on the left side of the road.

Cyprus transort


After a short stay at the famous Nissi beach, start walking at Glyky Nero beach, goes all the way on the coast of Cape Greko Park and finishes at the Konnos beach.

The other two walks are ‘Akamas Panorama’ – a great views for a photography and ‘Beautiful Shaded Platy Valleya one of the jewels of Cyprus nature.

Beauty 2

Where to eat and drink:

Café del Mar, Sandy Bay – to enjoy the sunset with a cocktail.

Tony’s Taverna – to enjoy a dinner in a place as locals do. They serve the traditional Cypriot dishes. Start with prawn saganaki – baked with feta and tomatoes then followed by a rabbit stiffed or lamb kleftiko, both lovely stews. Or chunky meatballs, homemade sausages and of course a Greek salad.

I am not that certain I will be able to see everything what I have planned!

As –

“Life is what happens to you, while you’re too busy making other plans” – John Lennon

Which is not a problem at all, because usually the best things happen unexpectedly.

OK time to enjoy Cyprus!

me in Sea Caves

And when I shall get back I will share with you my very personal experience of Cyprus!

Off I go to pack my suitcase, taking off in 24 hours! LOL

btw. When I returned I have updated this post with all photos taken by me during my Cypriot’s vacation.

With Love,


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