Places to fall in LOVE with Liguria


I was planning to write this post for a REALLY long time.

I have been living in Liguria for 4 years and this is the perfect time to finally write about ALL of the best places to see!

For those of you who read my blogs you have seen some of these things before.

For anyone who hasn’t been reading my blog or ALL of you who want to know about Liguria— Enjoy!


1. Most important points to know about Liguria:
  • A coastal region of north-western Italy 
  • Capital city Genoa
  • It lies on the Ligurian Sea

2. The reasons to fall in LOVE with Liguria:
  • A mild climate year-round – we get around 15 C also during a winter – not bad 🙂
  • The Mediterranean cuisine – many fishes and sea food ( the most healthy diet in the world)
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Towns  – filled with the most impressive buildings, history of art is been surrounding YOU everywhere YOU go, charming churches and the most Stunning  architecture. Of course all topped by a rich history and traditions.
  • The little charming villages – a secret hidden getaway places easily reached by a boat or by train
3. Liguria is bordered by:
  • Piedmont and Lombardy
  • Emilia-Romagna andTuscany
  • And it borders to France 

Liguria map

1. Camogli

The tiny fishing village is filled with colourful little houses…. to find out more information about this magical place  read my previous blog here or to find out all the best activities there, click here 

My recommendation:

Trofie al pesto alla Genovese – pasta with pesto (from basil, garlic, olive oil, Parmigiano) with french beans and potatoes.


2. Portofino

The place to be, the promenade for all of the people who ever meant something in Hollywood. Read about this place in my previous blog Portofino

Portofino 2

3. San Fruttuoso

It is a such a magical place. YOU can reach it by foot or by a boat. I am going to celebrate there tonight a bday party of my dear friend Ema. We are taking a boat from Camogli and off we go to enjoy the dinner there. It is the most beautiful little hidden escape.

I have never seen it during evening, I am pretty excited! click here to read more about San Fruttuoso in my blog.


4. Rapallo

It is situated on the Ligurian Sea coastline, on the Gulf of Tigullio, between Portofino and Chiavari. I enjoy very much this town, I especially love the harbour of Rapallo, its Rapallo Castle and Chiosco della Musica – an amazing art piece filled with paintings. I remember when for the first time I have strolled around the beautiful seaside and I found this unexpected surprise! Very often concerts are being held there!


5. Boccadasse

Near Genoa – it is a little tiny fishing village and there is nothing better then enjoying a glass of red wine directly on the little beach while watching the sunset and all the lights of the town on the water. I can’t wait to get there again!


6. La Spezia – the Gulf of the Poets

all the poets, artists and writers were enjoying this beautiful paradise, why shouldn’t YOU? 🙂


7. Sestri Levante – the Bay of Silence (Baia del Silenzio)

Bay of Silence. Easy to reach by train (stop station Sestri Levante). And YES it is a pretty magical place with a sandy beach.

Sestri Levante - photo by Wikipedia

8. Cinque Terre

Take a boat from Camogli or another part of Liguria. Check out the boat schedule here. Or travel by a train. 5 villages which are so beautiful and really give you the opportunity to see something pretty unique and special. So far I have seen only Monterosso, so I need to explore the rest. But right now it is too hot, so I will wait for September. If YOU want to hear more about Monterosso, read here.

My recommendation:

Vermentino di Cinque Terre – enjoy this fruity and beautiful refreshing white wine accompanied with a bruschetta which is a typical snack while exploring Cinque Terre.




9. The National Portofino Park

The best opportunity for hiking, if YOU enjoy this kind of stuff. YOU can walk up in Cinque Terre or Portofino and enjoy exploring all the nature treasure and YOU can even find some agroturismo, there you can spend just a little and enjoy a beautiful meal and house wine. My tip, climb up in san Fruttuoso and enjoy UPIN – agroturismo.

Portofino Natural Park

10.  Portovenere

Protected by UNESCO same like Cinque Terre. It is a very special place to see. “Byron’s Grotto – Baia Byron, so named because the poet Lord Byron used to meditate there” and San Pietro Church is a must! You can get there by a car or train or even better by a boat. This is a very romantic day trip. This place is filled with little shops and restaurants so I think you will definitely enjoy yourself!

11. Santa Margherita

The perfect place if you looking for a family vacation, or you fancy a bit of night life, all the best places and family easy accessable joints are here.

Find out more in my blog about Santa.

My recommendation:

YOU must taste gamberetti di Santa Margherita ( shrimps from Santa), it is a delicious treat! Enjoy! 🙂


Santa 2

So are YOU ready for your Ligurian vacation?

Looking forward hearing about your Italian vacation in the comments bellow.

Wish LOVE,


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