I had a great time in Cyprus! What an amazing place!

Cyprus is devided into 2 parts, Greek and Turkish. We went to the Greek part which has 5 districts and the most famous is Ayia Napa!

That’s why my homebase was Ayia Napa, which is a Mediterranean resort town on the southeast coast of Cyprus.

This place is a real “Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll”! Topped with white sand beaches, crystal clear sea and tons of amazing greek food!


People in Cyprus are friendly! And girls are stunning!

I became a friend with Gethsimani, a girl born in Cyprus. We met in a shop. While we were talking together one guy rushed in, almost gasping for air saying – condoms, condoms! Then Another drunk British guy said to his,” mate I am so honoured to be your mate” then he fell down and knocked over his mate— both unconscious!

Welcome to Aya Napa, drink for everyone!

I spend 8 fabulous days in this Lala land for mostly British and Russian youngsters.

When I arrived on Saturday at 1 am the party was on big time, I couldn’t even sleep how it was so loud! But after a while I realized if I want to enjoy I have to adjust my biological clock for Aya Napa party time. (never go to sleep before 3 am). Then I started to enjoy this magical place.

“If the music is too loud, you are too old.”

“Aya Aya Aya fucking Napa” That’s how “kids” call this place! 

Apart from that, I spent 2 weeks of planning this trip. I wanted to see everything and explore all districts. Read my originally itinerary here.

But because I met at the airport a lovely Cyprus couple and they gave me all their advice for the best places what to see, where to eat (they even wrote me a list for each restaurant of what to order) and let me tell you, because of them, I ate in Cyprus like a Queen!


I will never be thankful enough to those 2 beautiful people, because they truly made my vacation special! Thank YOU so much fab Paola and Dimitris.

Later I will write a blog especially about Cypriot food but for now let’s check out the best places to see!

Ayia Napa harbour – take a boat tour and see all the best places on the coast.

Nissi Beach – a beautiful beach, again amazing sand and clear water and you can walk to an island. But not my fav place. For me it is a very touristy beach.

Makro boat trip – My friend Gethsimani recommended for us. And we loved it! The boat is owned by one Cypriot family *(dad, mom and 2 adults sons) and for 20 eur you see all the coastline, the best places of Famagusta. We were able to hear the story of Cyprus and of The Ghost town in perfect english (*dad) and they made 2 stops for swimming in a blue lagoon. Home made food *(made by mom and it is delicious!). And Thank YOU Gethsimani for your fab tip!

me in cyprus 2

Sea Caves – you can enjoy the view and jump of the cliff 🙂

Cliff jump Cyprus

The Love bridge  don’t go on it alone, or you will always stay alone! But if you are a couple, go on it and you will be together forever! awww! The love bridge is on the cover photo! Amazing, isn’t it? 🙂


FamagustaProtaras area and Paralimni area


Famagusta and me (1)

Take a 4 wheels and explore the coastline! It is so different to explore the Aya Napa and Protaras coastline by boat and by a car.


Protaras Area – especially Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay


We parked our car in hotel Capo Bay, Koi Bar. Because I prefer going to the beach after 3 pm, we were basically couch surfing there for hours eating sushi and drinking cocktails.

The seating area is really beautiful! Then when the sun isn’t that strong, and most of the people are gone, we  finally arrived to enjoy the crystal clear, shallow waters of Fig Tree Bay!

Konnos  Beach – stunning beach! Crystal clear water! Near by is an amazing Cliff bar.


Capo Greco – Cape Greco park hotel at the Cliff bar. What a place for enjoying an aperitif after all day on the beach. And after 7pm starting the party here till 12. btw. this amazing plate is 20 eur! Not bad!

yummy in Cyprus

me in Cyprus Koi Bar

Limassol Ladies Mile Beach – the most beautiful beach they have in this district.

Then have a look in Limassol Marina – yachts and enjoy a fresh fish, there are many great restaurants.

Aphrodite rock  The legend says, that Aphrodite, Ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, once rose from the seas here. Definitely – a must see place!

On the way from Limassol to Paphos,  there is a Teatro and close by is a little beach called Curion (Kourion).

Paphos – Peyia PafosBlue lagoon and Sea Caves and Coral Bay!

If you seen Ayia Napa sea caves and blu lagoon, it is basically the same story, depends on you, if you have more time to explore!


I didn’t have the time, but next time I need to get an accommodation for 1 night between Limassol and Pafos to be able to see the Aphrodite Rock and the theatre and Phoas Pafos Blue lagoon and Sea caves.

It is too far from Aya Napa especially when the roads has almost no signs.

Limassol district decided to make a different city centre. . really?! lol!

Anyway we ended up driving for hours to see the Aphrodite rock, most of the signs were written in Greek language or on the left was a city centre sign and on the right the same story, we got completely lost and then we gave up.

TIP: My advice is GPS!

Serena Bay, Protaras

This place isn’t very well known. It is off the main road and it is a pretty hidden stretch of tiny beaches.

Serena Bay has a fab bar with Colourful chairs.

Serena Bay

And my final thought about Cyprus?

It is a beautiful and fun place! For some a party place, for some a place to get married. But it for sure it is a very special and romantic place! The sunsets of Cyprus are totally magic!

Sunset in Cyprus

I adore Cyprus and I promise, I shall be back!

Paola, Dimitris and Gethsimani thank YOU again for making my stay absolutely fab!

Hope you enjoyed my Cyprus story and please do share your favourite places!

With LOVE,






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