Top Tips for holidays in San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso

If YOU visit San Fruttuoso, YOU will remember this place forever!

Let me share with YOU the best tips!

San Fruttuoso 2

Where is this little paradise?

A beautiful paradise near Camogli in Liguria set in the Tigullio Gulf.

YOU can easily access San fruttuoso by boat or hike from Camogli or from Portofino while enjoying the nature of Portofino National Park.

Both hikes take about an hour.

Possibly on the way back YOU might appreciate the possibility of paying circa 7 eur and getting back by boat.

More information about boat rides click here or directly at Green Line  which will take YOU to Camogli – San Fruttuoso – Portofino.

Many places on the Italian coastline of the Italian Riviera such as San Fruttuoso, Punta Chiappa or Portofino are much easier  to explore by boat.

San Fruttuoso

What YOU can do in San Fruttuoso?

  • enjoy a lazy day on a little beach and swimming in the crystal clear water
  • have a look at an ancient Benedictine monastery
  • the main monastery building and the sixteenth-century watch tower – Doria Tower
  • The Christ of the Abyss (Cristo degli Abissi) – I wrote about this statue in my previous blog, check out this magic life-size bronze statue which is placed under the water a little way offshore.

WHERE to dine in San Fruttuoso?




La Cantina

How about a sleep over in this most romantic place?

  • stay over a night – Da Giovani Restaurant also offers an accommodation, for more info click here

San Fruttuoso paradise

Getting to San Fruttuoso by boat:

  •  There are boat trips, several times a day
  • from Camogli to San Fruttuoso you can take a boat through a company called Golfoparadiso, for a schedule click here 
  • other go from Portofino and Santa Margherita, click here for more info


Boat TAXI:

A private boat service is always available – cell. 3334352502 or cell. 329 8688597

to hire a small private boat or take a water-taxi service to and from Camogli (Mr. Andrea Avegno: tel. 333 4352502) or Portofino

San Fruttuoso was also listed in Telegraph UK as the top 10 beach holidays in Italy! Read more here 

Do I have to say more? 🙂

I am sure YOU will enjoy!

Have fun and let me know by writing a comment bellow, how helpful my tips were for you while you vacationed in this little hidden paradise.


With LOVE,








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