Seeing Italy by train

Thinking of Italian train travel, I have 4 words:

  • easy
  • budget-friendly
  • fast
  • comfortable

Why to travel by train?

There are a many reasons. First of all parking in Italy is a nightmare. And it is almost impossible to not get a penalty. So I wouldn’t suggest to take your car.

Also the parking places are pretty limited and in most of the coastal towns like Portofino, YOU have no chance to park anyway. So if YOU wish to keep your Italian vacation stress free, then a train is your choice!

Can I take my pet with me?


YOU need:

  • dog registration certificate/passport

A small dogs, cats or other little pets can be kept in carriers or on your lap. Travel for free in the 1st and 2nd class.  The exception is during morning rush hour (7 – 9 am on weekdays), you have to buy a second-class ticket for your dog at half off the standard fare, so make sure you keep this in mind.

  • Guide dogs are also allowed to travel free of charge. 
dog 1
photo from website:

Buy a Ticket:

To be able to buy the correct train ticket, you must know the town’s name in Italian language. So check out the Wikipedia’s List of cities in Italy here  if YOU are not sure of the name, change the language into English and then compare the results. 🙂

  1. Buy your ticket online: or 
  2. 2 choices of buying a ticket at the station:
  • It is a pretty easy to used the self-service ticket machines at stations – just one advice – get ready paper money like 5 eur, because the machine doesn’t take coins.
  • at railway station counters – but of course you will most likely end up in a queue and not everyone there speak english.

        3. Have your vacation in Italy arranged for YOU 

Let me create a personalised trip for you! All tips of best places to see, to go to, where to stay ect…

Check out about me page and contact me for more information in a section partner up” with me.

Types of Trains in Italy

  • International trains: EuroCity and Eurostar – Thello and sleepers
  • Local Trains:

There are types of Local trains and the category is differentiated by level of comfort, speed and price.

Regionale (RV, R) – Regional trains – stopping in towns and cities – so get ready for the slowest experience!

This one I am taking for a shot rides like Camogli to Genoa. But never for a long distance.

Intercity – InterCity trains (IC)…operating between major cities. Basically similar like Frecce just older. I am taking this one quiet often.

The new generation of super train –  the fabulous, fast speed train called Frecce (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca with a connection to the major cities.  Alta Velocità (AV) – the fast speed, going up to 300 km in hour, that’s the way to travel in style!

Check out the details:

  • Look for a timetable with all of the newest trains listed
  • check out  the train’s number and departure time
  • find the platform and wait
© Nigel Harrison

IMPORTANT ADVICE: !!!!!Before you get into a train– validate your train ticket! !!!!!

How Do I Validate My Train Ticket

The validation machines tend to be all over the station, as well as on the platform.

To stamp your ticket, put it in the slot and push it in, easy like that. 

Here are all 3 types of tickets and all of them are stamped so you can see, where to place the ticket in the validation machines.


And then just enjoy the ride while watching the beautiful countrysides, the seaside and the most beautiful little tiny fishing villages.

train view 2

Of course at the end of the day, your trip can be rewarded with the most stunning sunset….I adore the ride from Genova to Camogli, because every time around 5-6pm the train has the most amazing sea view and it always feels like I have seen it for the first time, what an incredible ride!



Important vocabulary for traveling by train in Italy:

treno – a train

in ritardo – late  – you see this quiet often 😉

binario – platform

carrozza – carriage number – to be able to find your carriage

posti – your seat – which one is yours

arrivi/partenze – arrival/departure

cambiar treno – change trains

l’orario – timetable

controllore – ticket controller

Helpful chat:

Quando parte il prossimo treno per ….? – When does the next train for Milan leave?

Da quale binario parte il treno? – Which platform does the train leave from?

List of useful websites:

Book your accommodation:

book a cheap flight and accommodation:


Enjoy the ride and let me know, how helpful was my tutorial about traveling with Italian trains.

Have a pleasant trip!

With LOVE,


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