Best Christmas markets in Europe

I am a typical Grinch, I truly hate xmas!

But it is true that winter in Europe has some magic and so do the Christmas markets!

As for me, I am always hiding somewhere sunny like Thailand, Miami or where I can’t feel the pressure of “happy family times”!

But this year I have come to Czech Republic to fight my autoimmune problem in a special clinic.

And so after 6 years I decided to visit the famous Prague xmas market to enjoy the sound of xmas Carols, and smell the xmas trees while closing my eyes and try to reconnect with my inner child.


Czech Republic – Prague’s Christmas market


23th of November

27th – They lighted up the Christmas Tree

You can find the market on Old Town Square and Wenceslav Square, Tylovo Square and Namesti Miru ( square). In my opinion, the best is on the Old Town Square, because it has a huge stage with daily performances by bands and choirs, a giant tree and a typical xmas market.

On the Wenceslav square you can buy carved wooden toys, Bohemian crystal and other traditional Czech products.

As you might know, originally I am from Prague, so I can’t wait to walk through the Old Town square while sipping mulled wine and talking to my friends.


Austria – Vienna

I been there once and it is a pretty beautiful market as well. The tradition of this market goes to the 13th century. It is called Christkindlmarkt.

The Vienna Magic of Advent is the most famous market and it is outside the new-Gothic City Hall.


13th of November

If I had more time, I would probably take a train called Pendolino

The Pendolino is a fast train from Prague to Vienna.

The train ride is about 4-5 hours, is very comfortable and not expensive. I was basically drinking a Czech champagne all ride long! 😉

Also near by Belveder castle is another xmas market. Another market is in front of Schonbrunn castle or on the square Maria-Theresien-Platz.


Germany – Dresden


25th of November

I have been there once as well. This lovely market is on Striezelmarkt.

Basically you could easily fly to Prague and than take a train to Vienna and also to Dresden.

Train to Vienna would be around 29 eur and to Dresden around 18 eur.

You could also travel by a bus, but why? I think a train is much more comfortable.

In addition the Christmas market in Nuremberg is lovely! Last time I was there I was enjoying the giant pretzels, mulled wine and punch and German sausages ( bratwurst) nd cabbage. And of course a ginger bread is a must!

So many xmas markets to see, but I have chosen the ones which are close by, so YOU could easily reach all of them!

So what are YOU waiting for?

Have fun!

With LOVE,


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