Ghost Town in Italy

Recently I had a chance to explore Bussana Vecchia, the ghost town of Liguria.


Thing YOU need to know:

It is about 20 min by a motorbike from San Remo near the border with France.

(I have already been to San Remo a few times so if YOU would like to get tips what to do or see there, here is my previous blog about the town.)

Bussana Vecchia was abandoned due to an earth quake in 1887.

Then around the 60s’  a community of artists who have moved there and brought a new life to this little Mediaeval town.

So in these days the village could be also called an artistic village list of artists who are living there now 

Bussana Vecchia
Flicker: © by fede0253

When I read about this town, I felt this must be something pretty special to see and when I finally arrived I was stunned!

The place has a spirit.

It could be called the New hippie Town.

If there is an artist inside you, then you will enjoy the walk through the little tiny streets while watching the collapsed houses and ruins of churches while admiring all the exhibitions, decorations and paintings.


Every tiny house is a piece of art. It is like each house is part of a jewelry set. So YOU can just stop and immerse yourself in the pretty magical energy.



When YOU get tired of walking around in the heat there is a pretty good choice of Caffe’s and restaurants.

How to get there?

As I already mentioned the town is about 20 min by motorbike from San Remo – this is the easiest choice!

Or take a bus from San Remo ( the main bus station in the city centre) to Bussana .

Look at the photos bellow, if YOU decide to walk, YOU will have to start your adventure in Bussana Town (thats the photo with a sand beach) and then climb up the hill.
In my opinion a pretty unpleasant and long walk (around 1 hour in total) and on a hot day it is murder to be hiking up the hill.
I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone so if you can, rent a moto, good for YOU!
The parking places are a bit limited in Bussana Vecchia, so a car wouldn’t be a smart choice.



. .the view from Busman Vecchia on the walk YOU will have managed on a sunny day, good luck! 😀


Many of the inhabitants at the time of the earthquake that made Busalla a ghost town ran into the church and then the roof collapsed and killed all of them.

YOU can see this ruins of the church in the photo bellow or in the photo with the cat above.

It is a very spiritual place where YOU feel a very strong energy which makes YOU stop for a while and think of the history of the place.

IMG_7285 (1)

I really enjoyed walking with my head up enjoying the view of the buildings and exploring the medieval cobbled streets.

Bussana Vecchia is, for a photographer, a dream come true….it definitely was my dream to see this village and as you can see from my photos, it is a charming unspoilt little Medieval place.






Where to eat?

La casaccia
Osteria degli artisti da Davide
Piazzetta golosa da Luca
Ristorante naturale – Apriti sesamo

for a full list of restaurants and bars click here

Where to sleep over?

Colin’s B&B
La casina blu di Patrizia
Stefano B&B
for a full list of an accommodation possibilities click here 

Are YOU ready to explore this magical place?

Write me in a comment bellow, how did YOU enjoyed yourself!

With LOVE,





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