Exploring South-West of Sardinia

Soon I am flying back to Sardinia but I never shared with YOU my last trip to this paradise! 😍

Sardinia is 1 of the favourite places I have ever visited so no wonder I always find my way back!

Before YOU go to Sardinia, you should read my 1st blog about Top Tips for visiting Sardinia

I booked a Ryanair flight and landed in Cagliari.

I had already seen most of Sardinia, the Best Beaches near Cagliari, so tried to explore more untouched beaches and beautiful places around Cagliari.

I saw Pan di Zucchero and all the area around Iglesias and Masua from a rubber boat. Check out my previous adventure  – Best boat adventure in Sardinia.

But this time I explored the coastline by car. What an incredible trip! Check out my photos, an incredibly beautiful place, right?




Completely unspoiled nature and crystal clear sea.


The next days I explore the Poetto beach, which is 10 km long beach 10 min from Cagliari city centre. Not bad, especially when you want an easy day with a great service.

I would suggest LE Palmette beach club. Amazing food for a very reasonable price as well.


I usually stay in my gf’s house but this time I decided to stay in Grand hotel Cagliari. What an absolutely fantastic location in Via Roma just few meters from the bus station and train station!

I got a single room, where everything was new and well decorated and the bed is a double bed. The breakfast is very good and Martina is the one who was looking after me during my breakfast. What a great personal care I got! Thank YOU again for being such a sweetheart!

Book Grand hotel Cagliari

One day my friends took me by car to Chia beach for the sea, sand and beach party!

The beach was called Campana beach in Chia.

I loved it!

Then I found a bus going directly from Cagliari (5 min walk from my hotel) to Chia beach. 3.50 eur and 1 hour bus ride! This time I went to Chia Baia – Chia Bay. Amazing!!!!!

The next day I went there again! After seeing Chia Bay It was hard to return to Poetto beach. Chia Bay is too beautiful, almost no people.


One day I decided to take a bus to Villasimius. I woke up at 7 am but the early morning hour ain’t that easy. I missed my bus at 8.15 am and the next was going at 11.15 am. Well I went for a coffee and I bought a waterproof case on amazon for my iPhone,  because on this vacation I managed to drown my phone. oops!

Then I took a bus and it was over 1 hour ride, then navetta – a little bus, finally after 2 hours I was in Villasimius.

This place has definitely a wow factor! Unfortunately in a high season the accommodation is too pricey and it is too far to travel daily. Plus a really curvy coastline, made me pretty sick.

So the advice is – don’t eat too much before the road trip!

After 2 hours on the road I went on the beach and I needed an ice cream. I couldn’t even possibly imagine to return back after beach time. Just the idea of 2 hours road trip made me exhausted.

Then queing for a gelato (an ice cream) I started talking to 2 American girls and they said if I want I could join them. I said sure, where should I put my towel. I didn’t even know how, but I ended up on a giant yacht – a sailing boat! 😍






YOU see, if I didn’t miss my morning bus, I wouldn’t have met those girls and I definitely wouldn’t have ended up on this beautiful sailing boat.



Here is evidence, that everything in life happens for a reason and missing a bus is not always a bad thing! 🙃✌️ #destiny


Oh my how I enjoyed!

I was swimming in a crystal clear water, no filter needed! Check out my photos as I was floating on a Unicorn. If anyone ever had a doubts if I am not living in Lalaland, here I was! Lost in the middle of the sea, holding on a Unicorn called Penny, the most fun ride! And there was a cat on the board as well! Was this a dream or what? Lol #fairytale



Then they said that they must return from Villasimius to Cagliari, Poetto beach. So how lucky I was, I didn’t have to take a bus back home, but we were sailing back to the Cagliari.

Then we took a little rubber boat and returned to Lido beach, Cagliari. I decided to go back to the b&b and they all went dancing.

My bus was going in 45 min, I had nothing to do and I met on the street 5 fun guys on the bycicle for 6 people. They asked me if I want to paddle with them!

Why not? Should I wait for a bus alone for 45 min or should I bicycle with 5 guys? We laughed so much, nothing better then bicycling around Cagliari beach around midnight.

Here we are, a happy night time selfie 🙂


Important transport Information:

📍 Bus

🔵 P bus – going to Poetto Beach

🔵 Blue bus – going for long distance, always buy a ticket in the bus station, much cheaper then directly in the bus.

📍 Train to the airport – 10 min from Cagliari to Esma station. Easy!

The train station is few minutes walk from Grand hotel. ( via Roma = centre of Cagliari).

Travelling alone isn’t bad at all. I got my eyes, my heart and my mind open for meeting new friends and having fun!

This was one of my best vacation ever!


How about YOU? Any plans to come to Sardinia? Share with me your story in comments below.

This blog clearly shows that no matter where or with whom we travel, we always can have unlimited fun. All depends only on US and our positive mind and our spirit.

With Love,



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