8 things to do in San Remo

Hello from San Remo!

The last time I was in the City of Flowers (la Cittá dei Fiori), I wasn’t lucky, because I was forced to be dancing in the rain all day long.

So finally I saw a bit of sunshine in this western part of Liguria, province of Imperia, which was a great game changer, because in my opinion there is no San Remo without walking or riding a bike.

I liked walking in the city center, enjoying the view over the Old port (Porto Vecchio) and Casino San Remo filled with xmas lights. I loved the Russian Orthodox church that seemed to me to come directly from a fairytale. So beautiful! Then of course I can’t forget – the ARISTON Theatre where they hold the famous San Remo Music festival once a year.
San Remo is in my opinion all about being in a rush and showing off. I didn’t fall in love with the place. There was still something missing and it was driving me crazy but I just didn’t feel it – the spark!
Maybe in the summer the beaches will charm me more and the people will warm up a bit! 🙂

I will definitely give San Remo another chance!


Things not to miss in San Remo:

1. Baci al cioccolato (chocolate kisses) – an amazing chocolate treat which has an origin in Alassio (town near by)

2. Pista Ciclabile – Cycling in San Remo – 36 km – able to explore by bike  the sea-side and all the little towns – rent a bike

3. Victory Morgana Bay – an awesome place directly on the sea! We had a lunch there. I had the best salad ever! Exotic salad – king prawns, mango, ananas, feta cheese, apple and Iceberg salad. I must say, San Remo has a great food!

4. Parks, gardens and villas – my tip is a Villa Nobel

5. San Remo Casino

6. The Russian Orthodox Church

7. A trip to the nearby town: Bussana Vecchia *(medieval village is inhabited by an international artists community), Arma di Taggia, Bordigheta and Ospedaletti or Menton.

First trip we made to Arma di Taggia. Great place for an aperitivo on the sea-side. There is an amazing Sicilian Bar-Pasticceria with a fantastic sweets and ice-cream.. Then we went to Ospedaletti which is a small town near by. We stopped for a coffee in one tiny coffee place and everyone looked so relaxed. In the end of my stay, we went by a car to Menton (about 24 km), which is the first town in France at the french border and I loved it! It is a very charming little town with an excellent food. People were warm just like in Camogli , I guess that’s the small town attitude.

8. Talk to a stranger  – I took a train from Genova to San Remo (about 2,5 hours) and I during my trip I met an Italian guy who was completely torn between 2 women! His wife – obviously and new lover! He told me how he feels guilty, because he is cheating, but he can’t help it, because he is completely in love. And the imagination of staying with the wife, while every minute of his day he has been thinking about the new LOVE, is killing him. He said that the new bird isn’t better than the former wife, but he must leave anyway. He was very thankful for all the support and loyalty which his wife has given him, but he just can’t force himself to love her again.
What is he doing I kept thinking? 🙄
Well I guess when LOVE is full of sparks with hearts beating fast…..the excitement….feeling alive….feeling young and capable….. Fair enough for him to make a decision to follow his heart as it goes wild. But how long can a relationship last based on pure desire?
. . after all, aren’t we all just chasing a dream?
With LOVE,












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