Best Beaches near Cagliari – Sardinia


Needless to say I have fallen in love with Sardinia the moment I saw its white sand and crystal clear water. When I went for my first dip, I felt well taken care of while the waves were rocking me like a baby and the wind was gently touching my face and making sure I wouldn’t feel the heat right away.

I felt well nested in Sardinia.

I have landed in CAGLIARI, the capital of the Island of Sardinia.


Love the beautiful atmosphere, churches, the town is wild and interesting! The laundry was everywhere, always love the Italian way!


To get from the airport Cagliari to the city centre it is about 5 minutes by car, of course you can also take a bus or rent a car directly at the airport.
We didn’t waste any time and went straight to the bar for an aperitivo, that’s why I chose a flight at 4pm in order to land just in time for an aperitif accompanied by a beautiful sunset. 😉

Timing in Life is everything!

My recommendation for an aperitivo:

Libarium on the Bastione di Santa Croce –  I had a Spritz, it is always a great choice for a hot summer afternoon but look at the view! Not bad, mm? 🙂


My recommendation for a dinner:

Antica Cagliari on Via Sardegna – an amazing sea food restaurant. I had oysters and some of the typical Sardinian seafood starters and then followed with a fish. Everything was delicious!

My recommendation for a lunch:

Fifo Restaurant – a great fish restaurant with a fabulous fresh sea food! I had an amazing grilled salmon with seasonal salad and a bowl of delicious mussels freshly made for me! The bill was 9.90 eur, which is an awesome price! I shall be back!


The next day early in the morning we headed to the port (maybe 30 min by car) and spent all day on the boat.

I have never seen such a wild nature. The shades of blue in blue and more impressive blue.





Richi – Sea Urchins

A typical delight of Sardinia – but YOU must catch only females, males aren’t any good ( that’s a shock) 😀 lol

And I can already hear the Question – How do I recognise a female from a male richi? A female richi is like a real woman, they are a fashion addicts, they have on top of them a little hat from shell or sea weed , you name it! Females are Violette colour, males are black, it is almost impossible to recognise this while watching them in the sea, but with their specific dress code – YES YOU can! 🙂



When you catch them,you need to keep them fresh and then open them from the “mouth” to the “mouth” and clean them and keep just the yellow parts which you just spoon out. You can eat id treat fresh right away or use it for cooking. Nothing more delicious than pasta con richi.


Catch them, add them to your pasta, and eat them. It is great for a flavour, but I was surprised how little meat is in them. But yes, tasty stuff.

Cooking in nature:

At my age, first time ever! We docked in wild nature surrounded by rocks and a Lagune and hunted for our late lunch.

I was charmed with this wild and fantastic meal preparation!



I would give up all the Michelin star restaurants for another slowly cooked meal in nature while watching the sunset. First we bought all fresh ingredients on the market such as fresh parley, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil is a must!

The sea water mixing with the fresh and then you get the perfect salty pasta dish where you can add just a bit of Peperoncino.
I felt like Alice in Wonderland!
Some people in this world are rich, they have everything but they are always unhappy and never get to taste the real pleasures.

As Da Vinci said “Simplicity is beauty”


Then there are some people who can really and truly appreciate the basic joys of their daily life.
Here I was in the open sea loving every moment and saving the perfumes of nature to my mind to be able to recall it later.
I learned so many new things – about boats, fishing and sea food – and sea and nature in general. It was so beautiful getting to know the Sardinian wild life.
So all day long on the sea, then hunting for sea food, then cooking lunch and swimming and of course later on watching a magical sunset while eating pasta on board, doesn’t this sound like a dream?


Then around 10:00 pm we decided to head off. And while we were returning back to shore We saw the most amazing collection of stars. There were no lights surrounding us, only the lighthouse was showing us the way home.
But the sky was completely 3D, I could see the layers of a stars from the farthest ones to the closest, the brighter and the constellations as well.
Then we saw a flying fish trying to chase our boat. It was a fantastic moment, I have no idea how she could be flying at a speed of 20 km in an hour. Lol
When we returned the boat to the port, we needed to get back home by car. When we were eating fresh fruits for dinner, we were almost falling asleep on the table.
This day I will remember forever, just simply perfection!

  • Beaches close by Cagliari I have seen:
Spiaggia di Santa Margherita

This is a perfect place for a family visit. We stayed on the beach, which also belongs to Is Molas hotel in Pula. There are many fun attractions such as paddle cars or big floating pillows which, of course was my choice for sunbathing… I lie down on the bed, then on the sun bed and then I lie down in the sea, that’s my style, always trying to keep it as sporty as possible! 🙂

For kids an amazing playground with a princess castle and of course a great and friendly service with good drinks and beverages.

Clear water and a perfect ambience. Plus the beach has a car parking near by. This is called, an easy family vacation without worrying about a thing! Maybe good is to mention they have in Is Molas hotel a golf course, which YOU might enjoy as well!




Tuerredda beach

I have seen this beach only from a boat. Because this beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, it is always busy. So we saw an uncounted numbers of sun beds and umbrellas and decided to not go there. But the crystal clear water and the nature surrounding this beach was an incredible treat for my eyes. I would like to check it out later when the season is over.

The Poetto beach

This is a beach near by the city centre of Cagliari. Not bad, but after I have been living in Italy for over 4 years I have been spoilt and it is too difficult to appreciate a normal beach while I know just around the corner is waiting for YOU something even more special. So yes, if YOU don’t want to rent a car, you will appreciate this beach for its easy access. Because it is from the city centre of Cagliari just few minutes by bus and it stretches for about 8 kilometres, so for sure YOU will find a place for your towel even in high season.

Cala Zafferano

While we were on the boat, we reached a protected marine area with a very beautiful sand beach and crystal clear water – we threw the small tomatoes in the sea ( I never knew they would be floating as well) and then we swam all together while collecting the salty tomatoes and enjoying the view of the white sand and Crystal clear water. So this place I will never forget as long as I live! I hope I will be back! This place was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and as you see from my photos, there was no need for a filter, just natures perfection!








Then there was another beach – white sand with turquoise colour water – it was filled with cows! hilarious! They were just chilling on the beach watching the yachts and boats and the humans enjoying their swim. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of this beach, but we were on the boat a few minutes from Cala Zafferano.

Then while being on the boat we also saw these 3 Islands. So beautiful. Just rock coming out of a wild and open sea.

I need to go back to Cagliari as soon as possible, because I feel a hunger for seeing more of this unspoilt beautiful place!

Please share with me in a comments below of the places YOU have enjoyed while visiting Sardinia!

Can’t wait to hear your fab stories!

With LOVE,


 me in Sardinia

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