Moonlight walk

I just spent all day lying down on the beach recalling my moonlight walk adventure.


How refreshing is trying to do your daily routine in a different mode.

Just to step out of our comfort zone just literally “to have the balls” to break the pattern of our habits.

I usually don’t walk alone on the beach at the moonlight, but warm evening, the sky covered with stars, the sound of the sea, the air smelled like a summer kiss. I decided to walk to the shore.

I couldn’t believe the beauty. I felt so little in this heavenly beautiful moment, almost like a little Prince on his tiny home planet.

I walked beside the church and seen the light on….interesting I thought.. I wondered if I take a peak, what could I see. And I could see a massive wooden ceiling, in color like 90 percent cacao dark chocolate. And the room was filled with a zillion books. The old style books, which documents the history of human being. Oh I was impressed and I wished, I could have open some of them! I felt like I shared the little secret with the night. I know, I shouldn’t spy into windows, but I am too curious to not to 😀

Than I sat beside the church and I thought the universe of the little town is all mine.

But I was wrong! 2 people just arrived and shared their very intimate romantic moment, they got undressed and went for a midnight swim.

And I realized in all my 32 years I have never had a night dip in the sea. I felt pretty pity for myself, especially when I have been living on the seaside for over 3 years.

But on the other hand, I was pretty happy, there are still things in this world, which I have never experience before.

It’s Always a good thing  to be looking forward to the next tomorrow.


There are for sure things which are amazing to live for! We never know what is waiting for us behind the next corner. Because even if we can’t see behind the corner, there might be a WAY or SOMEONE, who will magically match and change even the worst nightmare into a fairytale.

We just have to be able to recognize the beauty of seeing things in a different light and knowing when sometimes it is time to let go or to come up to a realization just like a little Prince in his story – when he learn that flowers do not last forever, and he begins to miss the rose he has left behind.

What are your things which YOU have never experienced before?

With Love, Zuzi

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