Festival of Fireworks -Sagra del Fuoco

What an amazing event which I surely MUST share with YOU!

Every time I think life in Italy cant get any better, than something just literally blow my mind!

This even takes place every year on the same days – on the 7th and 8th of September, so if YOU have a chance to pop in, please do! 🙂


The fireworks festival in Recco is a celebration of  its patron.

Basically beside the catholic reasons it is a great chance to fill your tummy with very tasty and typical Italian delicates for spending almost no money and also satisfying  your hunger for a beauty by seeing the most unreal light show.

Last year I went on the port beside the lighthouse, sat directly beside the sea and enjoyed the real Italian “family” experience.

People sat side by side with their babies  and loved once and we all had a chance to see the magnificent light and colorful show. And I absolutely loved seeing the lights  and colors mirroring in the sea.

What a beauty, right there!

Colors in the Sky

I felt like the life can just stop there, sometimes I just run throw the moment without taking the breath, having a time to enjoy!

Here I was – sitting alone, watching the lights and knowing there is something special in every moment of my life, all depends which way I will or YOU will make things happened.

Just me and the colourful universe!


All event was followed by a concerts, food stalls and solemn processions with the Ark of Our Lady of Suffrage, but I didn’t feel willingly to be a part of that, I was just looking for a very personal experience.

I think of this fireworks in Liguria as  a way of closing the long summer, which for me was filled with sea, sun and fun!

I am glad the Fireworks was set up by pyrotechnic companies from Campania, Sicily and Puglia, because this year it really was an outstanding show!

I think the best I ever seen!

The celebration started on the Sunday, September 7, at 11pm with the 1st three fireworks, than 8th firework during the day  at 3.30 which is a way of greeting to the Virgin Mary.

And in the evening of Saturday, September 8th, the 2nd three fireworks should have started as always at 11pm.

BUT it actually started  at 11.30 pm  – I love the Italian way – they are just not limited by any time frame.  😀 

So hope to see YOU this year at the same time, at the same place just with another colorful, mind blowing experience!

If YOU would like to see the fireworks from the sea click here to book a boat ride.

Wish love,


Fireworks 5




Fireworks 4Fireworks 4






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