Colorful Camogli

I would like to share with YOU a story behind the name of the little fishing village – Camogli.
Actually the name Camogli is from- casa delle mogli – houses of wives – it was from the time when the fishermen were going on the sea and their wives were waiting at home for their return.

The little town is filled with colorful little houses from mostly 17th century.

The colors of the houses used to help the fishermen finding the right way back home.

I think Camogli is like a jewelry hidden from the world.

For me there is nothing better than walking and enjoying the moment of being surrounded by colors and history.

Who would not like to be living in a colorful world? 😀

I already wrote a post about 4 things YOU must know about Camogli. so enjoy reading about this beautiful place!

street view in Camogli

Street in Camogli

photo 5

Camogli port

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