How to live your dream?

LOCATION – find a place, where YOU feel YOU belong. In my case,
I have moved from a city- Prague

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to Italian fishing village. I have been living between sea and mountains. In a small pot with limited numbers of fishes I started to pay much more attention on details.

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DETAILS are in my opinion what really matters. I am sure I don’t have all the answers and to be honest I am not sure if I ever will. But today the Q ” How to live your dream?” just pop out of my head and I would love to give it little thought!
Let me share with YOU my recipe.
I think WE must learn again how to watch everything around us as we see it for the first time!

Basically become a child again. Meaning reconnect with our true child inner-self. Be able to watch and experience everything with pure EXCITEMENT. For me this task is super easy, because I feel like I will never totally grow up anyway! 😉 lol
In my case, I think it is a good thing.

Being an adult most likely kills the creativity and dreams. But you can try to rebuild your relationship with your child-self.

For example originally as I mentioned I come from Prague. When I go there, even though I have seen all places million times, I am watching everything like I have never seen it before! It is so exciting and then I get the Woow factor just like kiddo.


Also add into this recipe a bit of DREAMING. Yes, I am a dreamer! And sometimes for me it is a very difficult to keep in touch with reality.

That’s why it is smart to have in our life someone who can stimulate us and influence us. Someone, who has plenty of experience, believes in us and is a wise man. Simply who can see every situation way ahead off us. And he is happy to help us realize – the opportunity- the time! Which basically means being surrounded by POSITIVE and COOL PEOPLE!


DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF with others – just be happy in the place, YOU are! Appreciate things! Be thankful!

DO 3 THINGS a DAY just for YOU – buy your favorite ice-cream, make a cup of cocoa, have a hot bath.  I do this every day – just to keep me sane, if possible. 😀 lol

Grow your imagination – creativity – try to see things from different angles.
Find OPPORTUNITIES and don’t waste them!!

Never stop dreaming – follow your dreams – no matter what! There are no limits, if we don’t stop dreaming and BELIEVING!

If you wanna do something, reach something, do it now! Don’t wait till tomorrow, I think in the end we can be the only thing standing between us and our dream. So don’t be afraid and stay FOCUSED!
Be open to everything what comes into your life – EYES and MIND OPEN.

MANAGE your EMOTIONS – Do things with passion and don’t care what others think. Just do whatever makes you happy.
Always show your emotions- basically become an Italian 😀
Optimism – smile and smile!!! Everybody will give YOU kindness and a SMILE in return.
I smile at everybody and everything alive including animals, look at my dear followers in Camogli.

YOU see, how easy is to change your day into a wonderful one with a simple smile?

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I have been living with this philosophy day after day, and it pretty much works for me.
If YOU are filled with LOVE, the Universe will love you back! 😛

There is no other way around! As they say, what goes around, comes around!

Are YOU living your dream?

With LOVE and smile,
Zuzi, forever dreaming

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