Cinque Terre – Manarola

  • 5 little beautiful villages:

Cinque in Italian language means 5 and Terre means a land.

I have already seen Vernazza, Monterosso and this time I decided to explore Manarola.


Manorola is a very small town, the 2nd smallest of the famous Cinque Terre.

They also say that Manarola is the most photogenic of 5Terre towns. I must agree, so far my favourite town!

Manorola is in the province of La Spezia, Liguria, northern Italy.

  • Via della Amore: ❤

The beautiful path which connects Manarola to Riomaggiore town.

But this most famous walk for lovers is partly closed after a flood.

YOU can walk only the 1st 200 m and the rest of the route should be reopen in 2019. 


DSC01669 (1)

Cinque Terre:

  • Vernazza
  • Monterosso . . . . . . . . .  here
  • Manarola 
  • Corniglia
  • Riomaggiore

5 beautiful, coastline towns surrounded by hillsides and vineyards,

They are a part of the Cinque Terre National Park and a part of UNESCO world heritage site.


Many colourful houses, crystal clear sea, many fishing boats and the most beautiful sunsets.


Where to eat:

  • Nessun Dorma Cinque Terre

They don’t take reservations on table unfortunately because they are always full.

You will just have to queue for your table with the view of Manarola town and the marvellous sea view.

In Nessun Dorma YOU get the combination of 2 things:
  • the best lunch
  • the best view

We didn’t queue we were too hungry and ready for wine lol!

We had A typical 5Terre snack which is a bruschetta with tomatoes, oregano or pesto, pecorino cheese, rucola. Basically you can top it with anything! Yummy! Accompanied  by Vermentino wine from the region.

Nessun Dorma B&B also organise a cooking classesPesto Genovese – I didn’t go, because I already know how to make a Real Genovese Pesto (obviously after 6 years in Italy) 😉 but I think that could be fun!

Check out Nessun Dorma here.


How to get there:


    The closest city to Cinque Terre is La Spezia. A train is the best way to travel around Italy. In places like a fishing village there would be no way you could find a parking place. Check out timetable & schedule via  Trenitalia

  • 📍 My recommendation:

Buy a train ticket at the train station and stamp the ticket on the platform before getting on the train.

  • A BOAT

    The boat goes to La Spezia directly to Portovenere and to all 4 villages of the Cinque Terre. But the ferry doesn’t stop in Corniglia because this village isn’t on the seaside but in the hillside. And always check out the weather condition, because if the sea is rough, there aren’t any boats.


Hiking trails:

  • The Sentiero Azzurro – The Blue Trail

A famous coastal track with connects all 5 beautiful villages of the 5Terre.

This is a paid track but there are many unpaid trails connecting  5Terre towns.

 A discounted deal for Trekking & Train Card – Trekking and Train Card

So if YOU want to explore the coastal towns on your own, definitely get a map and download an app for 5Terre hike. But make sure YOU bring a water, comfortable shoes and that YOU are fit enough! Plus check out the weather first!

  • Becarra Trail 

This could be a good option for you if you not that fit. Because Becarra Trail leads from Riomaggiore to Manarola and isn’t that difficult.

If YOU wish to get more information about paths and outdoor, check out all path network and the outdoor activities right here.

DSC01658 (1)





When to Visit:

Cinque Terre walks are amazing, but how very unpleasant can get the peak season during June till late August.

Actually, they are considering to cut a number of visitors allowed to the location.

Because the summer season gets too crowded and they are afraid the coastal area might get destroyed by humans and by boats.

Before your trip, check out the official website National Park of Cinque Terre Path & Outdoor







Have fun exploring Cinque Terre and let me know in a comment bellow how did YOU enjoy!

With LOVE,


📸 © photos: All photos were taken by me, except the photos where YOU see the blond chick, that one were taken by Nigel Harrison.

Thank YOU dear Nigey!

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