The last coffee in Paradise!

Hello dears,

I can’t believe the Italian winter beauty – on the 11 of January – I am wearing a summer clothes while I am sipping my last cup of coffee before my trip.

Than taking some photos on the beach and watching some people swimming and sun bathing.


I also met a lady which I had a pleasant conversation with. I was guessing maybe she could be 60 years old. BUT she completely shocked me with her statement, that she is 80 years old! She looked fabulously young! I couldn’t help myself not to ask her: “how did YOU do it, looking so young and fab?”

And she replied: ” I got divorced very young and I was very happy since then!” 🙂 LOL

What a great way of thinking – a great spirit – so young and wonderful!

Btw. she travelled all over the world and spoke fluently 5 languages! Wow!

I am officially in LOVE with Italy and the people.


Just went back home and watching from my window the warm red light of the Sun turning into one of the most amazing, colourful Sunsets.

I have been living in Italy 4 year and this winter is the warmest so far.

I didn’t even take out my winter coat. YES!

Tomorrow going for a couple of days to San Remo, so I will try to update you with some great places to see and things to do there.

Big hug and Have a Fantastic evening!

With LOVE,














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